Complexes for Cardio

Hi Christian

I have just started using barbell complexes for fat loss on my cardio day and am unsure how to eat before I workout?
(6 exercises for 8 reps each)

Do i need carbohydrates?

Kind regards Aaron

Ok, first, I’m not necessarily a huge fan of barbell complexes as a fat loss tool. But that’s not why you asked.

Do you NEED carbs before the workout? No. Unless you not eating anything at all throughout the day you don’t NEED any specific nutrient before a workout.

Can carbs help with your performance? Probably. But the extent of that really is dependent on your carbs intake prior to that point (and I include your carbs intake in the 2nd half of the previous day too). If you had some carbs in the meals prior, it likely will not make a huge difference.

Don’t forget that plenty of people use a keto diet (or another form of low carbs dieting) on a fat loss phase… and they can still train fairly hard. So no, you don’t NEED carbs.

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May i ask you if you don’t mind explaining why you don’t like complexes for fat loss