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Complexes and Rowing

This may be a stupid question and I am sure I already know the answear however I feel the need to post anyway.

I read in a rowing forum that you will not loose any muslce mass from rowing. Also read that you can actually gain mass due to it being a toltal body exercise.

Is is possily that I will gain some mass with rowing for fat loss and doing complexes too?

I have plenty of experience rowing including racing at Henley Royal regatta and winning gold at the UK National Championships. My observations are:

Yes you can put on muscle, esp if you sprinkle in the tabata protocol on top of a sensible weights program.

As well as intervals/complexes,a straight balls to the wall 2k on a ConceptII machine will have a massive impact on fitness and fatloss .If you can get your time down to 7 mins or below you will struggle not to have a six pac.
I would rate this as intense as running the 400, with people routinely throwing up after going for a PR at my club so bear that in mind when scheduling allocating rest daays etc.

You’ll need to keep your calories up and keep your fuel tank high for workouts and rowing. Since rowing is lactic acid inducing I’d assume it would build muscle. you might lose muscle if you need to drop weight…so don’t row with the 150lb kids!