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Complexes and Isolation Work


Hello from France,

please excuse my English (I think coach speak French ?).

My question is about the Superhero program. CT advices to do 5-6 complex for 4-6 rounds or 3 links complex for 8-10 rounds.

My question is about isolation work.

What do you advice ?
-entire (5-6) complex for 4-6 rounds, no isolation work
-entire complex for 4-6 rounds, with isolation work
-partial (3) complex for 8-10 rounds, no isolation work
-partial (3) complex for 8-10 rounds, with isolation work ?

(merci :wink:




I'm on the 2nd week of 2nd phase of this method and love it, I could see myself using Strength Complexes forever. Although sometimes I'm a little tired at the end of the session I typically do all my assistance work then. It's not typically very intense so not horrible to finish.

Like on Shoulder / Squat day after I finish my shoulder and leg complex I'll go do a superset like this:
A1 - Shoulder Shrugs
A2 - Rear Delt Rows
A3 - Lateral Raises
A4 - Front Raises


One thing that I want to add to this statement. I've always had shoulder pain when I bench and I would take longer to get through my warm-ups. Since I've started doing this the pain is virtually gone, like 99% gone. I do my feeler set then I do neural ramping up to my MTW and then I start my complex.