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Complexes and Diet


Ive read a lot of articles on this site and seen really conflicting opinions. If you are on the anabolic diet would doing complexes such as the superhero one (but based around 3 points) be catabolic due to the lack of carbs in the diet. I have read CT mention that it might be ideal to consume 30-40 carbs with protein post workout to combat this, but then it would not be a low carb diet would it. I'm just very confused whether doing complexes will actually lead to muscle loss and what the reasons for this would be if so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm seriously confused now from reading too much.


I think 30-40g would be enough for low enough carbs. You should try it and go by your results and how you feel. You might even do better with 100g despite the AD.


Im currently doing this, although due to the lower caloric nature of my diet Ihave found I had to adjust the workout slightly for recovery reasons. Push on and push through. Nothing is easy in the dieting phases. What was once easy will inevitably become not. The name of the game is muscle retention if not trying to build even while restricted. I have actually put on about 2lbs of LBM while using much of what CT prescribes. Even while Cutting. I consume approx. 40 grams post workout, that is pretty much the carb intake for the day other than whats in veggies and nuts.


if you do the anabolic diet, and you do it correctly, then no complexes will not be catabolic


IME low carbs + high intensity forms of cardio do not mix well. Mind you I found the AD to be shit, made me sweat loads for some reason, and weekends were spent bloated, sleepy, on the toilet (due to the carbs).

Many other peopl's anecdotal evidence suggests that i'm not alone and sprints/complexes/intervals all require carbohydrates as fuel


that point can be argued as well... but i would venture to say quite a few people who say so tried doing complexes on a "low carb" diet and were not properly fat adapted

also i may be wrong but i briefly looked over the CT style complexes and i think they are very anaerobic in nature - ie no more than 5 reps per set or so


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god damnit... touche :wink:

im curious though, do you think the CT-style complexes are likely do to so?


If you do them correctly like he describes, YES. I know from experience.