Complexes and Deadlifts?

I train at a small gym that’s a 5 minute walk from my house. 90% of the time I am by myself in the gym. There is an electric card system to let yourself in and out. We don’t have a squat rack or power rack. I have talked to the owner about getting one but she doesn’t have the money and she would be very concerned about people using it without training or supervision. Besides myself there is one other guy I have seen training who has a decent routine.

No shit it’s me and 2 50 year old women who are doing lat pulldowns/tricep pushdowns or tricep kickbacks swinging their whole arm in the gym.
My leg routines have included a lot of complexes and dead lifts. I have thrown in split front squats and rear lunges on occasion.

Currently my routine is
2 sets of 3 explosive jumps
2 sets of 3 standing long jumps
Complexes with 135lbs of cleans, front squats, romanian dead lifts in a somewhat pyramid scheme
Sets of 3,3,3; 3,4,4; 3,5,5; 4,4,4; 3,3,3
2 sets of single dumbbell snatches 40lbs 3 reps per arm.
I am thinking about doing 2 deadlift sets instead of the snatches with 8 reps

My previous routine was
Elevated dead lifts and leg presses for sets of 3 reps
Before that it was complexes of 5 sets of 6 reps per exercise
I love doing complexes as it kicks my ass, doesn’t take a ton of time, I like the explosive nature and coordination needed to do them, and the light weight used allows me do do it safely without a spotter.

My question is can a lower body quality routine be based on complexes and dead lifts?
4 weeks of low reps such as 333 then the next month lower weight with higher reps of 6 or 7?
Also am I over doing it by adding dead lifts at the end?
Any ideas, criticism etc would be appreciated

What are you aiming for? 30 inch quads? Tough luck in that case, it wont be done with only 135 pounds on your back.

If you are going for fat loss, complexes can certainly help that… Although you wont be BIG and shredded at the same time, which is was all the cool kids are doing.

Forgot to throw that out there.
I am 36, 5’9" 165 Lbs
I would love to get to 175 lbs
My big hinderance is my job. I travel typically 3 to 4 days a week for work and if I am able to get to the gym 4 days in a week then I am doing pretty good. Typically 2 upper and 2 lower body workouts per week. But a lot of times I may only get in 2-3 days in a week. When out of town I do sprint or some kind of interval training.
My goals are to look good, kick my buddies asses in pick up basketball games and be able to hang or beat 20 year olds in an occasional soccer game or on the slopes. My ski season starts wednessday.
My platform dead lift is 275 for a set of 3. I would love to get it up to 315 at least.

So does your gym have a leg press or was that somewhere else?
How heavy are the dumbbells? Split squats with a heavy pair of db’s will help.

I think there’s an article about some guy who got his legs over 30inches by squatting only with 135. Then again, I think he did it for 8 minutes straight per session… I’ll see if I can find it.

Here it is

Dude, NOTHING is getting in the way of you gaining 10 pounds. ESPECIALLY if you can get to the gym 4 days a week. Even 3. Look up Starting Strength by Rippetoe - A 3 daya week program for beginners. Many guys put on 30-50 pounds in a year on that program.

The only thing getting in your way right now is you saying you not eating and not training hard enough.

I think you will be sadly disappointed with the difference between 165 and 175. I only say this because I was not happy when I went from 155 to 225… Its a moving goal post that just keeps going and going and going.

Although if your goals are simply to beat your buddies and younger guys at sports, maybe body building is NOT what you should be doing.