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Complex Training

How many of you guys have used complex training in the past and what have been your experiences with it? Please note specifically what type of complex you used.

I have done some Strength/Plyo complexes:

Heavy Bench Press/MB chest pass
Heavy Squats/Box jumps
Eccentric Leg Press/Power lunges
Full Contact Twist/MB trunk twist tosses

I have also done some bar complexes, e.g.:

(Deadlift/Hang clean/front squat/thruster/OH squat) as one rep

And some Kettlebell complexes, e.g.:

(Single KB clean/jerk/OH squat/windmill) as a rep

(Single KB floor press/TGU/OH Lunge/OH split squat) as a rep

(These also works with dumbbells, I can’t see why not)

My bad if these are not what you are asking

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Strength/Plyo complexes:
I was working two days / wk in the gym during that programme, I found it worked better than one strength day and one power day format that I had had

It also worked well as a strength>>power transition phase in a periodization programme; You can either work with the same strength/plyo ratio for the whole phase or decrease strength and increase plyo as the phase progress.

Bar/KB complexes:
I found it harder (both technically and strength-wise) than having seperate reps of each exercises.

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