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Complex Training

Coach Davies,

As always I am amazed at the genius of your simplicity. Great Article!!! I am sure that the combinations for complex training are endless. In terms of the complexes in your article. Should I use all of the complexes at once, or can each individual one be used as a “workout” in and of itself. Your help is always appreciated.

Keeping the faith,

First of all - thank you very much for your kind words. It means a lot to be able to share with you and others some of my training concepts. The complexes have different intentions - which is your primary goal at present. In faith, Coach Davies

They’re always really good finishers.

What’s with you and your trusty wheelbarrow walks? Got a question for you. I’m thinking about adding what I call “bucket walks” for some GPP. Basically I load up two 5 gallon buckets with water. As I fatigue after 5 minutes, I empty some water and keep walking. Would this be a good idea to use as weighted GPP? I’m aiming to improve my work capacity as well as thicken my upper body (namely traps/neck). Up to this point I’ve only been doing DB Farmer Walks for 5 minutes as a finisher.

This is a another great atricle by coach davies. This is only one of many effective methods Davies incorporates in his training regimens. Davies will be presenting numerous other movements at the Strength and Conditioning camp we will be hosting aug 24 in Winchester Ky 859-737-2753.

Coach Hale

Kudos to another great article Coach JD!

I look forward to doing these great approaches on classic routines!

Your idea sounds good - thats another manner to build up GPP. I prefer a static weight because it is easier to plan with long term.
I hope that helps. In faith, Coach Davies


To answer your question I’m getting ready for my first amateur strongamn show. I am training my lower body 3x per week and my upper body 2x per week. On Saturday, when I train on the strongman events, I am doing a considerable amount of work on the upper body movements (i.e. log press, tire flip, atlas stones) So my questions are what type of complex would you recommend and where would you put it in the workout?

Coach Davies… this is one of the greatest articles yet! I am anticipating today’s workout (I will try complex V). I’m still loving your rope skipping article and then you come up with this piece of art. Can’t wait for your next element of torture.

  • Thanks for you kind words, It is and always has been a honor to help. Solomon, I have an idea and will send you an email tomorrow morning. In faith, Coach Davies