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Complex training

I was hoping to get coach davies and other opinion on this topic. I was wondering if you guy like doing complex work eg. heavy squats followed by depth jumps. Or doing something like west side does. a total speed day and a total strenght day. I know one is more geared toward sport and one is power lifting but the idea of being as explosive as possible is the idea of both programs. I am starting to do one complex day and one mostly plyo day. I would like to know what you guys think about that.

That would be ok. You could also do yer reversible strength stuff at the beginning of yer regular workouts, that would work too.

I’m no Davies, but when I start my Myostat only stack for 6 months I am going to do something Pavel Tsatsouline recomends for 2 months and maybe more, wich is:

2 week cycles of pure strength training then 2 week cycles of pure explosived training. This should work as long as you use the same excercises 3-5 times each week so your nervous system can adapt and excell past your current level in such small cycles. You should also not train to failure for each set, maybe a rep or 2 short and keep the reps no more than 5 of like 3-5 sets.

The idea is that your body does much better at having specific muscle motor units trained by themselves instead of 2 different ones trained at the same time. I also read in SUPERTRAINING that it takes more than 2 weeks for your results from one type of neuro muscular training to degrade so you still keep most of your previous gains.

Tj, do not follow heavy leg work with depth jumps. Depth jumps work with your stretch reflex and should be done first, doing them last will most likely lead to injury. Regarding of which method to use it really depends on your goals. Tell me more of what you are working toward and I will reply.

My athletes do a great deal of training complexes with a wide selection of movements and intensities. Of course as “kent_mc2” the choice is dependent upon your goals / level of expertise / conditioning levels while fitting within a long-term training model. I utilize a conjugate method to some degree but always keep a close relationship with SPP in mind. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

To Kent mc. That is what complex training is following a heavy squat or OL with a ploy in a super set fashion. It is becoming popular with the NSCA. This is because there is a debate on when to put the ploy’s in the during the week. A lot of coaches like complexs. It saves time as well as provides a snyergistic effect.

By cycling speed/explosive training every two weeks, and working exercises at least 3 times a week, you’d have to do pretty much the same workout every time. Do I understand you correctly? For example, if I was to workout M/W/F, I’d do my power cleans each day for the two weeks of my explosive phase.

I appologize, I was not familiar with your definition of “complex training”. As far as supersetting ploys with heavy leg work I think it has some definite advantages (due to neurologial up reg), but this is with an athlete with a solid base of training under them (2-3 years at least), and even then only limited use of depth jumps (less stressful ploys can be used more often). From the wording of your question I assumed that you were an athlete of less experience and thus generalized my answer. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.


Yes, You would do your powercleans a few or more times a week for 2 weeks along with a few other explosive excercises so your working every muscle group in a functional way. You would then go to purely strength training for 2 weeks then back to explosive training for 2 weeks and so forth. From what Pavel recomends, it is important that you don’t train to failure so you don’t train your nervous system to go to failure and you dont overtrain physically (a rep or 2 short but no more than 5 reps per set of: 3 to 5 for strength and 10 to 20 for size and strength per workout) (I could be a little off on some of this information by the way). If your interested in this method I would recomend that you purchase his materials for a more indepth idea (for reasons such as: his tension techniqes to fool the nervous system into recruiting more of your muscle fibers and so forth). I am still waiting for his Russian Kettleball challenge Book and Video along with his Rapid Response SWAT videos. I don’t know everything about his method (just what I’ve discovered by talking to people over the internet). Every thing that I’ve tested from my research has worked for me significantly so far.

Thanx for the reply. Unfortunately, I’m a poor-ass student who can’t afford to buy shit, so I’ll have to find out about Pavel’s training techs from you and others. In your previous post you said that he recommends it for around two months. Just curious as to why only that long. Would taking a couple of weeks and doing more muscular endurance training after the two months enable one to return to that program? Or is this program only meant to be done a couple times a year? I can’t see a reason why you couldn’t do it on and off most of the year. Let me know what you think. Anyone else feel free to add their two cents.

You definantely can do it for more than 2 months, I was just wanting to try different weight training aproaches to use with the Myostat. I’m probably not going to use more than two months supply of Myostat now that I’ve spent most of my money on Pavel’s stuff. I do have a 2 month supply coming in soon though.