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Complex Stack Help

I am coming to the end of a rest period (pilonidal cyst removal, not exercise or function related), need to get strong, athletic, and fast in a hurry. Big pt test (running) coming in 6-8 weeks. After a month of nothing, I am heavy, slow, and week. Looking to stack osta and cardarine and a few supplements on top. Beta Alanine 4g, citrulline malate 4g, taurine 4g, glycine propionyl l-carnitine 4.5 g. Looking to run this at least 8 weeks, all the way to 12 depending on how money goes. From my research, the supplements complement each other, but will they flow with the SARM and cardarine? Too much? on cycle support? post cycle? should I take aromasin? 26y/o. Appreciate it.

I would just run 1000mg of Deca EW alone, with that you won’t need any AI or PCT you can keep all your gains and get wicked huge brah. It’s what all the pros are doing these days. Plus it will shave of atleast a min on your 1.5mile