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Complex Question

I was thinking about front squats yesterday while doing poswercleans. I started powercleaning then squatting after the bar was up. Is that even the correct way to hold the bar?I kind of liked the workout because I could squat to the point where my thighs nearly touched my calves I could go down a hella lot further then just barely breaking parallel.

The only problem was I can’t powerclean very much weight for very many reps. I do however think it’s a great way to shorten workouts and take a break from back squats.

Cosgrove has a great article about complexes you might like

Yhea do it. hey do a search for “The Bear” its a great one as well you could do with much the same starting point


Here’s the link to “The Bear” http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=459657

Looks like a great exercise. I’m definitely going to try it.