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Complex Problem

OK Ive basically got a lower back injury, big deal you say but hear me out!!

Ive had knee problems in the past from running, specifically illio-tibial band syndrome (tightness) in my left leg. I went to physiotherapy and a biomechanic specialist who diagnosed this and gave me insoles to correct my flat, over-pronating feet. This sorted the problem out and Ive been running pain free for a few months now.

Now Ive been lifting hard and heavy (like a true T-Man should!!) and increasing my deadlift nicely. However Ive been getting slight pain in the right side of my lower back. Ok, I thought, I have a slight imbalance but it should correct itself if I concentrate on good form. But the other day after running the pain went from slight to umm not slight!

So my question is, could a LEFT leg problem cause a RIGHT side lower back problem? My guess is that its a combination of heavy deads, good-mornings and the running that have all brought the problem about.

Advice please!!!

Ive read loads on T-Nations articles and stuff from running sites regarding lower back pain so please dont flame me (unless its funny in which case flame away)

Sounds like it tightened back up.
An ART practitioner treated me for I.T.B. and put me together a stretching program to keep it limber, and that has worked ever since. Several years.
He also said that the inserts are over priced and under effective.

A realy good stretching video is Ian Kings sport specific stretching vid. The lower body stuff in particular.

I second the ART suggestion, but will add that you may find out your right lower back trouble could very well be a right psoas problem. An ART person can get this worked out pretty quickly.

Thanks guys, I’ll look into ART.

Much appreciated.