Complex on Off Day

What do you guys think of this complex to do on my off day:
A1. Chin up
A2. Dips
A3. front squats (50% of 1RM)

Do as many sets as possible without rest in 10 min. For each exercise, the exercise is stopped before going to failure.

Depends what you’re doing on other days and how easy it is for you to do chin ups and dips. I wouldn’t do dips and chin ups in a circuit, but that’s because I can only do 15 dips and 8 chinups. Too heavy. I would, however, do pushups and rows in a circuit, if I knew the only thing that it would tax would be my muscle/endurance. IMO there’s better things you could be doing, but if those are the things you’d like to work on, nothing inherently wrong with the concept.

I’m basically following a bodybuilding split. I do chin ups and dips in the split itself. I’m just looking for some conditioning circuits I can do without holding dbs or a bb in my hands for the duration of the circuit/

IMO I think it would be best to put the circuit you described at the end of one of your workouts rather than on an off day. If you want something to do on your day off try sprinting.