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Complex Lifts


Just wondering if anyone could think of some complex lifts, such as those Alwyn Cosgrove talks about in the radio interview.

My input would be:

cleans then presses then bent over rows

snatches then overhead squats then presses

squats then snatch grip behind the neck presses then snatch grip high pulls

and the classic:

cleans, front squats, push presses.

Any ideas for ones performed on a bench maybe?


1.) Decline press - situp with bar - bring bar down - miltary press

2.) Chinup - kip - dip



i was thinking the same thing ...

bench, clean, fs, row, DL, pass out

OHS, overhead press, clean, fs, row, back squat, pass out



Power clean, front squat, push press. How would you go from an overhead press to a row without messing up your shouler


Simple. Put the bar down. Pick the back up in correct position for rowing!! Viola!


Simple. Put the bar down. Pick the bar back up in correct position for rowing!! Viola!


how wouldn't you? i don't get it ...


Check out his article on EFS:



Sorry to hijack, but who is that as your avatar? I see her on the site as the powerful image but Im being lazy and wanted to know if you knew.

Thanks Bastard



Today I thought how about:

Dumbell snatch, dumbell push press, bent over row, then flip hands and do it again. Killer.


I like to make up a "circuit of death" with my kettlebell. This is done for fat loss in much the same way as AC described the complexes. The following is using a 62.5 lb. Kettlebell. I also add in some BW exercises too. Here's an example:

20 Swings (10 R/L)
Push Ups 10-20
10 Cleans (per hand)
10 Military Presses (per hand)
10 KB Front Squats (per hand)
10 Close Grip Push Ups
5 Windmills (per hand)
10 Pull Ups
5 Ab Wheel "crunches"
10 Snatches (per hand)
Pass throughs 2 minutes

Rest a couple of minutes, and go again. I try to get at least 4 circuits. if I haven't done these in a while, by the time I'm halfway through the second circuit I'm questioning my sanity. I've also done some other similar circuits with Barbells and Dumbells in the gym, same general idea, although not really a "complex".