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Complex Complex Question


I started doing complexes about three weeks ago. It was just sort of a toss off at the time, so I didn't log it at the time. I started doing them regularly first thing in the morning, fasted complexees, and have noticed a couple things. The first is fairly typical: fat loss. These things are working better than anything else I've tried: extra weight work, fasted cardio (long fasted cardio), and Tabata stuff. The other thing I've noticed is less visibly noticeable but very interesting and the heart of my question. My energy (vitality, alertness, whatever you want to call it) is much better throughout the day. I'm not getting tired like I used to in the afternoon and it feels like I'm recovering better from my weight workouts. So here is my question: what might be the physiologic mechanism behind this increase in energy?

I have a few options. These options comes from memories of articles I've read in the past or possibly conjecture on my part, but I'm looking for something more definitive. One option is that the oxygen debt of complexes stimulates the production of more insulin receptors. The other option is that somehow the complexes stimulate the growth of more mitochondria. The bottom line is i have more and better energy throughout the day, I'm pretty sure it's from doing the complexes, and I'm wondering what the physiologic mechanism is behind the improvement. Thoughts?


Doing complexes in the morning causes your midichlorian count to skyrocket so you don't feel tired later on in the day.


@postholedigger. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.



Ryp, I think you're looking a little too deep (which I guess is cool if you're into that). I'd simply chalk it up to the old "it gets your blood pumping and wakes up your metabolism for the day" idea. Or, if the complexes have recently sparked a visible amount of fat loss, your body could be responding to not having to lug around that dead weight.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the perspective. You could very well be right on both counts; 1) looking too deeply and 2) the improved energy is simply a result of having less fat. For now, I think I'll just enjoy the process and results. Perhaps a definitive answer will show up. Perhaps one won't. Thanks again for your perspective. I appreciate it.

PS: Lucas should be thrown in a sarlacc pit for the whole midichlorians thing.