Completing My First Cycle. PCT Advice?

Hi all I’ve done my last jab of my first cycle. I’ll paste my log below, I took some bad advice when I first started and went with EQ only, I found this forum and got better advised and learnt a lot. I just want to check my pct is ok and any changes to it I should make. Took my last dose of test c yesterday so waiting 2 weeks and then doing Nolva 40mg/day weeks 1 and 2, 20mg/day weeks 3 and 4. Is this right?
Should I expect to be losing much strength in the gym now I’m not using test any more or not any noticeable difference?

3/7 1ml EQ
9/7 1ml EQ
15/7 1ml EQ
21/7 1ml EQ
22/7 0.75ml test c
26/7 1ml test c
29/7 0.75ml test & 0.75ml EQ
1/8 0.75ml test
5/8 0.75ml test & 0.75ml EQ
8/8 0.75ml test
12/8 0.75ml test & 0.75ml EQ
15/8 0.75ml test
18/8 0.75ml test & 0.75ml EQ
21/8 0.9ml test
25/8 1ml test
28/8 1ml test
1/9 1ml test
5/9 1ml test
9/9 1ml test
12/9 1ml test
15/9 1ml test
18/9 1ml test
22/9 0.75ml test

is your test 250mg/ml?


In the future please post the amount of mg of substance your injecting rather than the volume of oil; gear can have many different concentrations and we can’t properly assess how much gear you’re using based on the volume of oil.

Your PCT looks fine. You’ll probably lose some strength and size as you lose water, but how much is completely dependant upon your diet, training, experience and genetics.

Ok so I’m 2 weeks into my 40mg/day of Nolvadex and feeling like shit. I’ve read about the sides anyway and that it’s not great taking this stuff, going to 20mg a day now, once I’m done with the next 2 weeks should I pretty much feel normal again? I actually feel quite depressed, like when my E2 crashed when I took an AI.
Is there any meds people take to feel better when on pct?
Also haven’t done bloods since coming off gear, not entirely sure what Nolva is even doing to me apart from giving me depression. What bloods if any should I be getting tested

I would bet that it’s the lack of testosterone, not the nolva, that’s causing you to feel like shit. I usually feel like shit on the third week of PCT then start feeling better at week 4; but everyone is different.

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What you are experiencing is the post cycle crash. There is no way around it. You have very little test in your system but hopefully it is gaining by the day.

There are a number of things you can do right now to try and counteract it and really it’s only one beyond taking Nolvadex. The main thing is keep making yourself go to the gym. That exercise will make you release endorphins and force a response in your body that should help stimulate the test production. (It’s not directly connected but it does help)

For future reference, you might be one of those guys that needs to knock your estrogen down before you PCT or keep it down during the cycle, its just that some of us really respond to the higher levels and once we respond it takes a while for it to disipate. The other one is HCG usage will at least make sure you have some natural test production at the beginning of your PCT. There is no way to know if either of these things will help until you just try them.

Just fyi it’s typically clomid that causes emotional reaction during PCT so I don’t think the Nolvadex is causing the depression. It’s possible just not highly likely overall, that is very few of us react badly to Nolvadex and that’s why it is preferred.

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I can relate to this. After a cycle I feel terrible. I don’t put that on the Nolva though. I can get myself to continue training but my general mood is pretty down. I have used HCG in my last cycle, pre PCT, which made me feel pretty good through the PCT but thereafter I felt the “crash”.
I feel I recovered fully about ± 4-6 weeks after PCT.
From what I’ve read in another post and recommended by SinghBuilder is to taper down the test before PCT. I am going to try this on my next cycle in hope of a better recovery during and after PCT.

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