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Completely Unnecessary Vid: 615 DL


Check out this video of this guy deadlifting. I will give him one thing though he is gripping it all himself. Besides we all know how much even a tiny bit of a spot can increase how much we can actually do.


I think you forgot the link


[quote]StephenD wrote:
I think you forgot the link[/quo

My computer is being a bitch I cant even upload the video. If you want to see the video youtube go under Aaronthegreat username.


I finally got the link to work here it is.





sweet pull...it was just homo-erotic enough.


I didnt know you could spot someone for the deadlift...I guess I stand corrected


thats f'in weird


I think we already covered this in the Raping the Squat thread. Somewhere around 3 or 4 pages in.