Completely Lost

Hi Paul.

Sorry for the blunt post I just need some solid basic advice then I get can get to work.

Basically I have read every article on training and got completely lost with it all and wasted my time. I’m weak as piss and overweight. I need to get back to basics and start a fresh so I have put together a very simple PPL routine with movements I feel work for my structure. The sets and reps are very simple I’m just working up to one top set on each movement apart from chins/face-Pull/Lat Raises. Does this all looks reasonable to yourself ?

Thanks so much for spending your time reading this rubbish you must get all the time.

Chins: 3 x F
BB Rows: 2 x 8-10
Hammer strength Lat focused Rows: 2 x 8-10
Standing BB curls: 2 x 10-12
Face Pulls: 3 x 12

Bench incline: 2 x 8-10
DB flat bench: 2 x 8-10
lat raises: 3 x 12
Cable flys: 2 x 10-12
Dips(Tricep Focus) 2 x 10-12

Leg Press: 2 x 8-10
RDL deficits: 2 x 8-10
Split squats DB: 2 x 8-10
Hip Thrust: 2 x 10-12
Calves: 2 x 10

Being in a somewhat similar place, I’ve been running pauls guaranteed muscle mass for few weeks and do enjoy the no fuss of the program, highly recommend it.

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I agree with Leash.
And if you have red all Paul’s materials and articles, why don’t you just pick the base program he recommend for beginners and just do that.
I am doing Guaranteed muscle mass myself for last 3 months and see great progress.
What I want to say that your post is redundant as being weak and overweight, you should just choose Paul s begginers program and stick to it for few months. You can’t be wrong with that. It is just that plain simple.

I haven’t seen Paul on here for awhile. Is he okay?

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He posts on IG. Probably (hopefully) fine.

Steroids or not?

HAHAHA I’m fine! Sorry I’ve been away guys it’s been…a few months of stuff, and things.

I actually like the routine you laid out a lot man. The only thing I’d do is throw in some leg extensions and leg curls on leg day. Generally speaking I find it hard to hit hams, glutes, and quads effectively in one sessions so I have a quad dominant day and a glute/ham day.

Quad dom -
Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Quad Leg Press or Reverse Band Hack

Leg Curl
Glute Bridge
Glute Leg Press or Glute Squat
Walking Lunges