Completely Clueless on How to Proceed

i am completely clueless on how i should proceed further. Seniors, please guide me on a path.

my body stats:
5’4 ( 167cm )
59.65 kgs ( 131.5 lbs )
25 years old, asian male.

I was on SS since feb’2019. max stats that i could reach ( all 1rm ) :

dead - 145kg ( 320lbs )
bench - 95kg ( 210lbs )
squats - 120kg ( 265 lbs )
ohp - 60kgs ( 135lbs)

I have been working out since 2015, on/off, never consistent enough, never did a linear progression before; that’s why picked SS.

been about 2 months since i last went to the gym because life.

now i will resume working out but i am not sure what program i should pick or what should be my goal.

there are 3 things that i am sure about:

  1. i want to focus on getting big numbers on those 3 compounds lift i.e i want to get stronger
  2. but then i also want to get in shape i.e lose fat
  3. and i also miss doing other exercises

Regarding my body fat:
the other day i talked to person in my gym, he has competed and has won a lot of prices. taking his experience in consideration, i asked him to estimate my body fat.
dude said that my body fat is about 20-25% and that when i lost weight, my body just lost the weight but not the fat and that i will never be able achieve the physique that i want on my own and that i will have to take paid coaching from somebody if i want to accomplish something.

this left really demotivated and i am doubting myself now. So i want to ask you guys whether there is any truth to what that guy said.

here are my pictures:

Doubt the guy you asked more than yourself. Even if the number was to be correct (not saying that it is), you can achieve the physique you want on your own. You’re light for your height. Continue lifting progressively heavier while eating clean and you’ll do fine. If you need any program ideas there are so many on t-nation that you could do.

If those were really your lifts at that bodyweight, you know what you’re doing in the gym. Keep doing it


did he happen to sell coaching>


Those are great numbers for your size.

We can’t help you with your goals. You need to figure out your number one priority. It’s hard to guide you if no one knows the direction you want to go.

Competing doesn’t mean the guy knows anything. It means he can follow directions. The competitions he’s won probably weren’t big shows.

This confirms he’s an idiot.

If you were 20% body fat then you’d be carrying 26 lbs of fat. You’re not.

Do yourself a favor and don’t worry about body fat percentages for the rest of your life. The various ways to measure it are inaccurate and unreliable. Just use the mirror. If you think you’re carrying too much fat then you’re right. If you think you look fine then you’re right.

#1 - find a program for this.
#2 - scratch that one. You don’t need to lose fat if you want to get bigger and stronger.
#3 - there are typically ways to sneak in your favorite exercises as assistance with any program.


No. He’s a poor salesman who’s just lost a sale.

He raises a valid point though which is what exactly you want to accomplish?

i am really confused about programs. went over a ton of them on this website but couldn’t find anything suitable as per my goals :confused:

Ok, what are your goals?

get strong and get lean.
something like a bodybuilding routine but mixes of strength?
something like a 4-5 day routine that has 3 main compounds in 3-5 rep ranges so that i can focus on lifting as heavy as possible and other exercises in 8-12 rep ranges.
i was on SS the entirety of 2019 and that program has you doing only squat,bench,deadlifts, ohp. i miss doing other stuff like curls, flys, dips, lat pulldowns, pushdowns, leg curls,extensions , lateral raises, incline db presses, other db stuff etc etc
after searching i found Metallicdpas PPL on fitness subreddit. looks like a good program. maybe after that i will switch to nsuns program

Almost this, How I Added 100 Pounds to My Deadlift in 2 Weeks Replace one of the 4x4-6/4x6-8 with 3x8-12 and you have what you want.

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Pursuing multiple goals is like trying to ride three horses with one ass. Pick a goal. Just one.