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COMPLETED PCT from First Cycle


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Cycle Details:
Week 1-8 Test E 500mg per week (250mg per Mon and fri)
Week 1-8 Aromasin 25mg E2D
Week 3-8 HCG 250iu (Mon and Fri, add days if balls starts to shrink)
Week 11 Nolvadex 20mg (2XD)
Week 12 Nolvadex 20mg (2XD)
Week 13 Nolvadex 20mg (1XD)
Week 14 Nolvadex 20mg (1XD)

Week 0 - Picture taken on April 25, 2009
Weight: 126.5 lbs
Body fat: 8.6%

Lifting Stats: I am not including this information since I don't have a goal to break my PR records but to simply add muscle with the minimum weight possible to stimulate growth. My current workout routine is EDT (Escalating Density Training). I chose this routine for a couple of reasons: First, EDT is self adjusting, meaning as gain strenght during this cycle I will continually break my records faster and add weight more often.

Second, I can design the routine so that the weight I am lifting only allows me to do 8 to 10 reps max. Normally I am able to do around 8 sets per exercise per PR Zone. I will do 3 PR zones per workout and workout every other day.
Nutritional Intake: 70% protein\fat, 30% carbs


Week 1 - Week Ending May 17, 2009
Weight: 128.5 lbs (+2 lbs)
Body fat: 7.2% (-1.4%) 5 point caliper test.
Lifting Stats: Noticeably stronger, stamina is up as well. EDT records from 6 months ago are being broken easily.

Comments\Mood: I am not sure why I was reading 8.6% body fat percentage last week. I am actually expecting my BF percentage to go up due to water retention. No pain from first injection (right glute). Slight pain from the second injection site (left Glute). No noticeabe change in mood. Sex drive is defeinitely up.


Good luck, I did my first cycle at 500mg/ of Test Cyp a week and its fucking awesome.

PS. Pretty sure this will get moved to "My Logs" section.


I think we are experiencing placebo effect here. Both test e and cyp take longer than 1 week to manifest strength and libido enhancements even if frontloaded which I take it is not the case with the OP or Cron. That's fine though because perception is reality so if you feel great, you are great. There is often an exhileration that accompanies starting a cycle. It's like a venturing into the forbidden garden. Its like you have this secret edge that nobody knows about.

Wait until week 3-5 for real your gear's effects to really show.


Best of luck with your endeavor. I do wish that you would have included how much your poundages increased.


The increase in sex drive is definitely possible from the injection. While the notice in LBM gains can take a few weeks to materialise, sex drive and other androgenic effect can be felt in a few days.

I recommend you use HCG from week 1-10 @ 500iu twice per week. 250 iu 2 x week is a little on the low side, and also your HPTA will be maiximally suppressed with in 2 days of your injection. So please do not wait until your balls have shrunk, prevention is better. It is also important to keep taking aromasin in week 9 - 10 as test is still highly elevated in your body. Taper aromasin dosage down to 12.5mg E2D during your PCT, any excessive estrogen will hinder HPTA recovery. I would also consider using clomid in conjuntion / or replacement with Nolvadex.


Oh No I mean to imply it was within a week. Cyp took a little over 2 weeks to "feel" it. I mean generally in the whole cycle it felt great.


mephistopheles: Good point about libido. Testosterone level would start going up (albeit slowly) from day 1 so an increase in libido could be felt quite early on. As far as LBM gains, that could be accounted for with claiper mismeasurements. It takes a lot of expertise to have consistently accurate readings. In the Op's case, maybe he started eating more and training harder - that may have fueled some sudden growth.


Cron: My bad. I understood you had just started a cyp cycle when in fact you were referring to a past cycle. You have deca, sust, and prop sachets now (or maybe just Eucalyptus?). When are you starting cycle? Once you determine contents of sachets I would guess. Are you chomping at the bit?



Poundage changes are indicated by the numbers in parenthesis. I.e. Week 1 shows an increase of 2 pounds (+2 lbs) from week 0 numbers. I am also tracking my body fat percentage.

Week 1 - Week Ending May 17, 2009
Weight: 128.5 lbs (+2 lbs)
Body fat: 7.2% (-1.4%) 5 point caliper test.



Hmm.. quite a turn around there!


Since everyone responds differently, I toned down my view that the OP's increased libido and LBM so early on (week 1) were soley placebo. I am still leaning that way but don't like to be so black & white about personal reactions to AAS as they can vary greatly.


Week 2 - Week Ending May 24, 2009
Weight: 128.5 lbs (no change)
Body Fat: 6.9% (-0.3%)(4 point caliper test)
Overall Cycle Stats:
Cycle start date: May 9, 2009
Weight: +2 pounds
Body Fat: -1.7%
Lifting Stats: Strenght and stamina is on the rise.
Mood: Libido is definitely up. Slight increase in irritability. Sleep quality is very good.
Notes: I started the HCG as planned this week (250iu twice a week). I've been pinning mostly in the right glute due to prolong soreness when doing it in the left glute. It's weird how I get excited on pinning days. I am not exactly sure why I did not gain any weight this week but I am attributing it to mis-reading last week. 2 pounds of lean muscle mass in two weeks is beyond my expectation. Bloating and water retention is kept at bay really well with the AI (Aromasin 25mg\E2D). IMO the low carb\high protein diet is contributing a lot to the lean gain I am making. I know this is not the best nutritional intake while on a cycle, it's just my personal choice and unwillingness to sacrifice the lean look I have now. I will observe how the HCG is affecting me in the next 2 weeks. I will post some pictures tomorrow.


Looks good, controlled and effective.

As for diet and goals - there is nothing wrong with them... your goals are your own and you know what works for you.

As long as you re-feed on carbs periodically, and get an insulin spike in after training, i dont see why gains will be sacrificed much.
I mean of course if one eats a massive excess of all macronutrients, they will gain muscle at the highest rate, but also gain larger amounts of fat (drugs/genes depending). I personally am not as strict as you in relation to bodycomposition when gaining, as i want to compete and need as much size as i can get - but i dont believe i need to get above 15% in a bulking stage.. as long as the scale climbs steadily for a few weeks, i'm happy - and luckily for me, it does with only a slow creeping rise in bodyfat.



Personally I would up your calories slightly. You don't have to increase the carbs, just the fat or protein. Take advantage of the increased anabolism my friend. Your 2 lb lean gain from this great high protein diet could be due to water fluctuation.

As far as the prolonged soreness in one glute... Sometimes you are going to have a bad inject for whatever reason. I had one in my glute a week or two ago that made me feel like I had bruised my ilium for a few days. I doubt that it has anything to do with your left glute. Have you tried quad shots? or ventroglute?


That is exactly what I am doing Brook. Pretty much just protein thoughout the day until about the time I hit the gym. 2 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel, 26 capsules of BCAA taken while working out and immediately post workout a shake containing 2 scoops of Surge Recovery, a scoop of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, 20gms Glutamine, 5gms L-Leucine, and 5gms Glycine.


Week 2 - Week Ending May 24, 2009
Weight: 128.5 lbs (no change)
Body Fat: 6.9% (-0.3%)(4 point caliper test)
Overall Cycle Stats:
Cycle start date: May 9, 2009
Weight: +2 pounds
Body Fat: -1.7%


Week 2


Week 2


You might want to try the new amino acid pulsing strategy explained in Christian Thibaudeau's current thread to end of May. It suggests BCAA's only 30-60 minutes before training and using Casein Hydrolysate protein powder during training and post workout too. CH is predigested so it is absorbed lightening fast. Much faster than Whey ISO. Second best is Whey Hydrolysate (30g recommended vs 20g for casein hydrolysate). I haven't found a good source for this product yet, but Biotest will be coming out soon with "Anaconda: which will feature it and some complimentary elements.

Also, you say you are eating basically just protein throughout the day until you train. I hope you mean protein and fat (good sources). You need an energy source (carbs or fat). I don't think you need the glutamine in your PWO shake either. You are already getting carbs from Surge Recovery and 20g of glutamine serves the same purpose - replenishing glycogen stores.