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Complete VIDEO: The Sultans of SQUAT at Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman's Tradeshow


(Available for viewing in HD.)

Results SPOILER Alert:

MHP’s Sultans of Squat
The Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo
Presented by Bodybuilding.com
Produced and Promoted by HardcorePowerlifting.com

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Media Sponsored by Jeff Everson’s Planet Muscle and by RxMuscle.com
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MHP Hardcore Powerlifting Card Lady: Ms. Judy Rodriguez Smith
Hardcore Powerlifting Officials: Ken Anderson, Jim Snodgrass and Kenny Dinolfo
Hardcore Powerlifting Safety Stage Crew: Chip Edalgo, Jamie McDougal, Ed Brown Jr., Eric White and The Metroflex Strength Association
Photograpy by Doug Jantz
Videography by Josh Winsor
Sound by A-1 Sound and Lighting

MHP’s Sultans of Squat Official Results

Michael Mulvihill 500 (miss), 500 (miss) and 500 (miss) No Lifts Passed / Did Not Place

James “Pitbull” Searcy 700 (miss), 700 (miss) and 700 (miss) No Lifts Passed / Did Not Place

Jeremy Scruggs 430, 470 (miss) and 470 (miss) Best Squat = 430 Pounds

Henry Thomason 740, 805 (miss) and 820 (miss) Best Squat = 740 Pounds

Randall “Big Roh” Harris 675, 735 and 770 Best Squat = 770 Pounds

Robert “Big Wilk” Wilkerson 750, 820 and 900 Best Squat = 900 Pounds (Won $1,000 Cash)

The $1,000 Metabolic Doc Challenge Prize (to become the first person to ever officially powerlifting squat 1,000 pounds) went unclaimed.