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Complete Training. Please Help.


I'm not a competitive bodybuilder but i do train like one. In the past i have really focused on lifting as heavy as i can safely muster and eat clean all the time (no bulking and cutting). Anyways, I've never really done cardio, mainly because I have always heard that it saps strength and if on a low calorie diet, eats muscle. I know these claims are a little exaggerated seeing as every bodybuilder on the planet does it. I've also started doing some mobility work on my off days, mainly foam rolling and dynamic stretches. Unfortunately this hasn't left me with any free time (my schedule was already too stressful).

... so my question is, would it be a decent idea to do Mobility exercises (lateral lunges, spider man lunges, dive bombers, windmills etc.) as a circuit for cardio? It seems like it would help with active recovery and burn some extra calories on off days but I personally don't know anyone or have heard of any bodybuilders who does this. Any opinions?



I can’t see that it would hurt, but I don’t think you’ll get any real cardio value out of it. My suggestion would be to do your foam rolling and mobility exercises as a dynamic warm-up before you lift, then do cardio on a couple of your off days. The mobility exercises function better as a warm up for lifting IMHO.


thanks for the reply. I just figured that mobility work is something that should be done every day. I guess I could do it before or after cardio on off-days but I have a feeling they’ll just get bumped :wink: Plus I figured even though a mobility circuit wouldn’t offer the best cardio value it may offer more over all considering it’s better for recovery and also works flexibility. I personally can’t use a stationary bike as it actually makes my hip flexors tighter!