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Complete Re-figuration of Diet and Training

Hey all posted on here under a week ago and as great as some responses were, some real honest answers came from some responses and made me have a complete epiphany on my workouts and my goals
I have come from a crazy sporting childhood and even though I’m only 22, I have come to the realisation that whilst yes I can curl 40kgs and hack squat 300kgs, my compounds were absolutely fucking terrible
And my diet wasn’t much better
For those who haven’t read my previous posts, I would probably say I’m the tallest person on these forums but for pound to pound workage, I’m probably the weakest
Better to be honest then have an inflated ego right?

22yrs old
6ft11 (211cms)
130kgs (280 pounds)
18% body fat (tested today)

4000cal to bulk
3700cal to maint
3000/3200cal to agg cut (currently)

230g protein/85g fat/ 340g carbs

8weetbix with an apple

Meal 2: 11am
450g sweet potato
450g mixed vege
300g chicken

Snacks between 11.30/4pm: 2x Granny Smith apples

Meal 3: 5pm
450g sweet potato
450g mixed vege
300g chicken

Meal 4: 8.30pm
(Same as others)

Pre workout:thermo/l-carnitine

Post workout: protein shake with egg whites/yogurt

My workout program now follows jim wed lets 5x3x1

Workout as: 10mine max incline 5spd treadmill

Major: Squat
Shoulder press
Push ups 6x10
4x10 lat pulls
50x kettlebell swings

Majors: bench

5x10 dips
6x15 shrugs
Prowler 10 reps

Active recovery (assault bike, prowler light weight, treadmill)

Majors: Deads

Dumbbell press 5x10
Bicep 5x10
Kettle bell 5x10

Major: Shoulder press

Dips 5x10
Rows 5x10
Prowler 10 reps

Saturday and Sunday active recovery (HIIT Saturday, Sunday like Wednesday)

Any advice towards this would be greatly appreciated
I don’t really have a time frame when I would want to see changes but anyone who has done this, when would I expect to see change with this kind of program
I’ll be committed and reassess after 4 cycles and change as per needed
Let me know what’s up!

Honestly bud this plan looks fairly solid.

I realize its been almost a year since you have posted this but how did it work for you? I love Jim Wed 5x3x1 program and there are a ton of people that have made real gains from it.

The only thing that I would suggest is to continually up the calories. You wont be able to stay at 4000 for long and continually grow at 280lbs. Anyways, I recognize I’m late on the post but let me know how this worked for you. I hope you made some real gains brother!