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Complete proteins

I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of vegetables and grains to eat together to get complete protiens. I ask because I can only afford to get about 100 grams of protein from meat (tuna, beef, chicken) and milk sources (milk, cheese. even though i’m only 152 lbs at 5’10 1/2’’(16 years of age) 100 grams isn’t much protein a day.

I just did an article that covers this in another mag…sorry t-mag :frowning:
It is in the newest issue of Pump. In summary, Wheat, Rice, Corn, and Grains are missing one or more of these 3AA’s -lysine, threonine, tryptophan…
By combining these foods with legumes (beans) which are low in methionine and cysteine, you can get enough of the aa’s to complement each other. One without the other is a problem. The two together works out well.

John: anything in particular, like grains in general mixed with beans, or does there have to be a particular grain like rice?

Most people do beans and rice, but you can basically have a number of other grains to complement the beans…The diet should be 60% from grains, 35% from legumes, and 5% from leafy greens if you consume no animal protein. Apparently if you consume enough of the complete aminos over the day, you dont need to do specific combining at each meal (according to ADA). I tend to disagree but dont think it’s the end of the world if you miss out on the proper combo once per day or something. Consuming 4 slices of grain bread, 5 servings (2.5cups) of oatmeal, wheat, or brown rice, 1 serving (1/4 cup) of nuts or seeds, 2 servings (2 cups) of beans or soy milk, and 4 servings (2 cups) of green leafy veggies can provide all the aminos necessary for about 60g of complete protein. Its alot of food to get that little protein, huh? Best bet is real animal sources or protein powder. If cost is a factor, just get skim milk and add milk powder to it and youve got a great, low cost, high quality protein shake.

I believe 75 cents for a can of tuna is a lot cheaper and easier to eat than an equivalent of protein from plant sources. Tuna does have a way of getting nasty though. Protein powder or mrp’s are a great and comparatively cheap way of getting what you need. Do the math and figure out price per serving vs. a meal of meat or vegetables equal in protein.

I use tuna I buy it on sale at Giant eagle foodstore on sale in bulk. I mean it’s only 43-50 cents a can. As for getting boring well I have figured out some interesting ways to break up the boring issue. I also use a mrp twice a day sometimes three to fill in. I pay about 16.00 for a container, I’ll not mention the name. But after I am done I really have’nt spent too much and have plenty of protein to ingest. I have also been buying salmon in a can (sort of like dog on a stick) lately it seems pretty cheap a@ 1.39 a can and there’s alot of protien in it also for the day. Hope this has helped.