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Complete Power Look Program

hello Christian

I started your program
But I have a problem
my back and especially the left side is weak,
an injury that I had formerly

This makes me not I am firmly on the bench
yesterday in the front squats my left shoulder after falling from a point

I can add in all the days an exercise rowing or pulling or face pull ?
also deal only with the left side and later to deal with the two?

today was bench day

the problem it was that i used 17.5 kg dumbells with palm face its other with 2 hands at the same time on my assistance work
my right side it was ok but with my left it was harder to finished it

on the last set i choose to go with 1-1 hand

on the right side 7 reps complete with neutral grip
on the left side 5 reps complete

the problem its on the teres major minor , somewhere there

any suggestion Thib ?