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Complete Power Look Program + Power Look Workout

Hello Chrisitian,

I have been doing some research into my next workout programs. I have been reading on the Complete Power Look. I have also read an older program Power Look that was more of a back day workout.

My main focus as of right now is to work on my Strength to Weight Ratio. 5’7 165 12% BF. I had a few questions about just minor changes or additions.

I am looking to see if the original Power Look Workout could replace back day in the Complete Power Look program? I have used it a couple of weeks ago and one of my favorite back workouts i have used in awhile.

Also I am wondering if replacing bench day with all incline bench movements. My reason for this is I feel my chest looks best with a big emphasis on upper development. Additonally I think it could help me with striking power in Muay Thai.

I appreciate any suggestions or feedback from you. Thank You

Yes I see no problem with these two things. I normally don’t like Frankensteining programs, but this should be fine