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Complete Power Look Program, Front Squat Replacement?

Hey CT, quick question about replacing the front squat with the zercher squat in the complete power look program. Would this be an appropriate trade? The main reason is because I’m a huge fan of the zercher squat, and have been switching from front squat and back squat in my programming for the better part of the year so I’m ready to change things up.

Thank you, any input is appreciated.

Hi I think it’s perfectly fine as both variations put an emphasis on the quads. The zercher might even be better for the power look because it works your biceps and traps as well

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Yes, there is zero problem with that. It might even be a better fit to get the power look you want (I wasn’t as big on Zerchers when I wrote the program).

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Perfect, thanks for the input guys. When I run the program I’ll be sure to post the results just for the hell of it.

Is there really a SIGNIFICANT different between how the Zercher hits the quads vs front sq?

If not, then why do front SQ at all?

Not that much of a difference for quads I would say BUT I usually do my front squats ass to grass, with the Zercher I can’t because at some point the bar touches my legs

The front squat is awesome because you can’t really alter the form, you can’t bend forward, plus if you’re into O-lifts it has nice carry over

I do feel that quads are a bit more involved in the front squat, but it’s not a big difference. I think picking one is largely a matter of personal preference

So Zerchers-the way I see it- should probably always be used over front SQ since you’re getting 3(beck/biceps/quads) vs 1 with front SQ…

At the risk of being killed, I wonder if this is better than back SQ too?

I wouldn’t say that Zercher’s are better than back squats. While the arm involvement is not as limiting as some people think, it can become the limiting factor once you get in the 365+ range. In which case you will be able to load more on the back squat.

I wonder how many folks here can zercher squat 365…

I’m sure there are. I’m pretty weak, I recently did my best back squat at 355 pounds, but I did a (very ugly) 335 zercher and yeah the arms started to be a problem, the bar wasn’t straight and all and I lost balance