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Complete Power Look for Body Recomposition?


Hey CT,
What do you think about using the complete powerlook program for body recomping?
Maybe strength work done in the a.m. and a secondary workout of different carries in the p.m?
Would the optional assistance have any purpose in such a plan?
Is it a plan for disaster?
Diet wise I’m thinking more cals and carbs on the strength days, where as in the days between, less overall cals and carbs…
Thanks for any input and all the awesome work you do!


It’s a strength program and it has a lot of heavy assistance work. On a caloric deficit it will not work.If you add carries on top of the caloric defiucit you will crash. if you want to use it for fat loss do not add a secondary carries session, remove one of the assistance exercises and do carries instead and only go for a MODERATE/SMALL caloric deficit, keeping protein high