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Complete Power Look and Natural?


Would the complete power look program be good for a natural to gain strength and size or would it be too much volume?

If it is too much volume could you use the main lift set / rep / percentages… but then do 1 set of rest pause for the rest of the workout to limit volume and cortisol?


It’s fine. The main lift doesn’t use much glycogen because of the low reps and the total assistance volume per session is fairly low


Thanks. Should I follow it exactly or could rest pause be added to assistance lifts after main lift?


NEVER!!! 1) it’s already a very neurologically demanding program, with rest/pause you will crash way before the end of the program. 2) if RP were more effective in that setting don’t you think I would have used them??? 3) the main lift is rarely done anywhere close to failure, it’s a gradual progression not an all-out effort every workout.


Ok. Just wondering why the strength size program has the main lift as an all out effort for 1 set followed by a rest pause set for the rest of the workout?

I’m not questioning your knowledge just trying to understand things myself.
Thank you.