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Complete or Partial Pec Tendon Tear?

So 8 days ago on my strength day for chest I was on my 11th out of 12th set for bench for the day, i was feeling perfect on all my other sets and the weight was going up pretty easy, better than normal actually. But on my 11th set i was supposed to do 275lb for 2. so i set up to bench and right when i lifted the bar off i knew something was off, my right pec\shoulder area hurt a little bit but i just ignored it like i usually do. I lower the bar down slowly for my first rep but then i hear a snapping sound. I’ve torn my hamstring before so i knew i torn something but it didn’t just pop like my hamstring, the tearing sound lasted a second not just instant. it didn’t really hurt but had a burning sensation. i put ice on it right away and just rested it the rest of the day.

At first i didn’t think it was a complete tear because there was really a divot like I’ve seen before on complete tears but its been 8 days since i tore it and the inflammation has gone away and i still don’t see any physical changes to it but when i flex it i can feel a flat spot where i tore it and there is still bruising in my bicep. So idk if it is a complete tear and i should go the the ER to get it check out or just keep rehabbing it myself?

I wouldn’t go to the ER, as they’re not going to do anything about your non-emergent condition. If you decide to go to a doctor, get thee to an orthopedist.

There was another guy who injured his pec recently. Had it looked at and it was a complete tendon tear off the bone… better than a muscle belly tear I guess.

If there is/was bruising and obvious deformity it’s probably a better safe than sorry kinda deal so I’d recommend getting it checked out by an orthopedist ASAP. Hopefully you get some good (relatively) news lel.

Once we know what we are dealing we’ll know where to go from there. 8 days post injury is still kinda the acute phase of the injury where we are looking to protect the injury and prevent further damage so doing shit to/with it or flexing it to feel the deformity is probs a bad idea lel.

Bit early in this case too but worth having a think about contributing factors to your injury e.g. bad luck, fatigue/programming, inadequate warm up, technique, AAS use, previous injury (and/or poor rehab), etc.

Good luck mane.