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Hey guys new here obviously… on the 1st of this month I had 10 whole consistant months workingout…lol hence
the title any way came alongway in that time frame from 140lb to now 175… supping with whey only for the 1st 3 months and slowly pickedup
what I’m currently takeing now …listed is whey, creatine, animal pak, testpowder, nurocore & recoup bcaa

this 1st pic is me last x-mas 140lbs of shift in skin

seeing is this is my. 1st post and I dident bother to read the rules sorry … yea I’m on a kindle doing this so hard to post the pics like I want them … one thing he asked for was diet ill just say I haven’t followed. one just ate when I was hungry I started lifting. march 1 this next pic is. about 2 months in for got to say I’m all natural. if it post the nest is about 5months or more

and this final pic is my most recent about 2 months ago 175 lbs trying to bulkup. not interested in cutting at all right now just want to get as massive as I can from. reading I know diet is the most important part of any program .

ok let me post the right pics
just took them no pump ofcs i know i need lots of work
any tips on what to do for improvment is welcome

1st pic back







leg left

leg right

ok this is the last pic forgive me for not noing how to make this
with fewer post im a nub at this crap i know my legs need a shit ton of work
i will be going hard on them from now on i have been alittle worryed about going heavy
on legs seeing as i workout solo and its only been 10 months for me but fkit new leg routine
starting sunday i do 4 on 1 off right now legs/shoulders bi/tri chest/back calves,abs,forearms off repeat and i change it up everynow and then rep ranges are standard i guess please post your comments as i need them being all natt i plan on trying my hand at a comp in another year or 2

You look good, nice physique. How long have you been training?? Diet??

thanks iv been training 10 months 11 next month in the 1st … as for a diet its really non exsistant I try to eat best I can at least 3 of what I consider meals comes from my protein. powder other than that I try to eat best I can at least 5 times a day 6 if I’m lucky right now been hard to get what I need as for as food goes but… its hard to even really put on mass with my diet iv been stuck bouncing from 173-175 for a few months now going to really eat all I can I don’t care to Much about gaining fat I can lose it quickly

fuck you man. 10 months training and you look like that? damn… Nice job, very impressive!

Eat more lift more and youll get to.200+ be patient cause your doing a good job! Thick chest and back.

You got some sick genetics. You look better than most people on here that have been training much longer. I would try doing some nutrient timing and really load up your calories around your workout times.


not to bring this up again BUT If thats 10-11months of you lifting w/o AAS…you are THE fucking man.

VERY Impressive in the relative period of time.

Imagine if your diet was better…

Impressive transformation.

Do you eat Meow Mix post-workout?

[quote]lilhelplz wrote:

The meow-mix cat is looking at your schlong!!

Very nice progress, sort your diet out and you will go far. Genetics are definitely in your favour by the looks of it