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Complete Noob

Well I have to admit Ive probably allready messed up by not researching enough in advance, but I have since tried to catch up which has brought me here. I took an aquiantances advice and now Im lost. I have tried since to learn what I can but was hoping for a few tips from experienced people.

first of all Im in my mid thirties and have been lifting on and off for awhile. This aquiantance told me if I took 300mg of test-e a week and nothing else for 10 weeks Id notice a considerable difference and wouldn’t have any or very few side effects and I would not have to take any estrogen blockers.

Im not looking to do a lot probably gain 15-20lbs muscle and lose 15 lbs fat in the end.

Is this accurate information. I just had my second dose and want to make sure Im on the right track.

Also this 10 week supply 300ml a week was 100 bucks, is that normal.

Thank you very much for your insight. I’d like to do this responsibly from here on out.

Well, having read alot of posts here, although i havent cycled yet, I can say that that dose is not worth the natural shutdown you will put yourself through. Also, people on trt taking half the dose you are are running ai’s to control estrogen. And you have no pct planned.

So essentially you are shutting yourself down with no pct mentioned, and risking man boobs and other estrogenic sides for a couple months of gains that would be slightly better than normal… IF your training and diet are optimal in this time frame, which according to the research you have put into this cycle, I doubt it will be. Seems pretty haphazard to be honest. But you already started.

Read the sticky’s, search pct and ai’s.

You would probably be better off stopping now and then doing some research actually. What are your stats?

Thanks aaron, Since Im only two weeks in and its been a low dose Im hoping to just correct my mistakes which I now see are numerous. Im 6’ 200lb and about 12% bf. Im looking to get an extrogen blocker so hopefully I dont get Moobs. I think Ill finish this round this maybe look for something that Id retain less water. Ive heard of a few good ones on here. Ill also start an estrogenic. Thanks again.

Get a PCT. There is a sticky on the subject. Read, learn, apply.