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Complete Newbie Looking for Reassurance

Hi Guys,
I’m looking for someone to read my plan and tell me if I am on the right track
First some stats
21 year old
6 ft 2
245 pounds
Bench max 1 rep 80 kg
Deadlift max 1 rep 150 kg
Squat max 1 rep 110 kg
Shoulder press 40 kg
I’ve been lifting one month now
My meals start at 5.20am
Meal 1 5 eggs only 2 yoke
Then I go to the gym
After work out I have a protein shake made with low fat milk and 40g protein
Meal 3 at 10 am is 3 egg whites and a chicken breast and a piece of fruit
Meal 4 is 2 chicken breast and salad
Meal 5 is rice/pasta/ potatoes with 2 chicken breast or equivalent in other meat e.g. fish red meat,
I have a body fat of 27%
I take creatin and Bcaa supplements
My goals are to be 10 % bf and 230 pounds some time in the next 5 years
Thanks in advance
P.s my journey started a year ago I was 317 pounds with God knows what body fat %

I think you’re going to be okay. You’ve got plenty of time to work on your present problems and develop new, more complicated problems like alcoholism, divorce, pregnant mistresses and misguided deals with loan sharks.

I like that you’re talking more about your diet than your lifting. Good luck!


Thanks very much it’s nice to know I’m not a million mile off,
I like the sound of a misguided deal with a loan shark where can I get one of them

This was a truly great post.

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Looks fine to me brother. if you want to be more specific and anal about it I would personally start scaling the food and keep track of what the macro breakdowns are so it’s easier to adjust as time goes on. However, if this makes things too complicated fuck all that and just do what you’re doing.

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Thanks chief I might do the whole macro thing because it seems to make it easy to be consistent when changing up the meals thanks for the reply

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Oh, sorry if it wasn’t clear what I meant not exactly. 100% not recommending IIFYM.

Just saying calculating the macros and adjusting the portions and such week to week as needed.

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diet looks a little low in fat for my tastes, but you’re quite heavy so I guess you need to cut the calories out somewhere.

I personally like to cut with lower carbs but that’s just personal preference.

Best of luck!

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Thanks for the reply in what way would you add fat ?

Keep the egg yolks, for one

Once in a while switch out the chicken breast for a fattier meat (chicken thigh, pork shoulder, lamb)

Cook with some coconut oil or good-quality butter

Overall, you’re definitely moving in the right direction!


Thank you so much it is very much appreciated I will most definitely take it on board and add it in to my plan

yeah AG’s advice is pretty much exactly what I would have recommended.

Great progress! Keep up the great work and build habits for the rest of your life.

This seems like a good idea to me, even if not done all the time. Personally, I tend to periodically take a week to measure everything and calculate macros, then figure out if I need to adjust. I don’t do that all the time, but it gives me a pretty good idea of what is going on with a plan that is specified otherwise. That is, I can easily get an idea of if I need to decrease my carbs and how much, like by a cup of rice a day, half a cup a day, or what? Or what certain replacements would do, like switching chicken breasts for chicken thighs.

I was thinking the same. I have always done better when losing weight keeping in some animal fats and keeping carbs lower (generally 50-100 g/day). Besides the yolks having fats that your body needs, they also contain a ton of micronutrients. If you can get a calculation of the macros in that meal plan, you might be able to see if you can cut some of the nightly carb sources or the milk or something. So, I think what I would recommend is that you take the few minutes to get a rough macro nutrient and caloric breakdown for those meals and days. If you post that you might be able to get some particular feedback there, and in any case you could then readily see what adding back the yolks would do, or changing one of those chicken breasts to a few thighs, or whatever. In any case, that is just something to consider.

Wow thanks very much for the reply it is very helpful, I think you guys are right I might need to do out my macros and take time to adjust it I will definitely go ahead with less carbs and increase my fat intake I’m post an updated meal plan once I figure it out thanks again for all the help

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