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"Complete Guide to Big Biceps and Triceps", Adding Exercises?


I just finished running the second phase of SSP. I’m looking to do the workouts in your article about bigger arms for four weeks before I return back to the first phase of SSP to focus more on strength.

Not wanting to totally bastardize the workouts, what are your thoughts on adding another press on arms day–example of incline dumbbell presses-- using the 350 method? Also, adding a cable row on legs/back day using the 350 method?

Same thing I tell everyone who starts a routine. Do it AS IS the first go round for at least 6 weeks. Then adjust from there. How can you know if something needs to be added or subtracted if you haven’t done it “as is” first?

Sorry for the intermission.

I just looked at the article out of curiosity, and I seem to have noticed that there isn’t any chest or shoulder work at all…

Did I misread it by any chance?

Your chest will get work with the reverse grip smith machine bench, as will your shoulders. But again, this is an arm specialization program. So some bodyparts get cut back on. You’re not looking for balance when you’re trying to bring up a weak bodypart.

Got it.

Wasn’t questioning your method, just wanted to double check if there actually wasn’t direct work for those body parts. As said, I only skimmed through the article