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Complete Football program

My “Money exercises” has stirred up some passions (good or bad) and as a result I already received over 10 emails asking for my complete hockey program.

The hockey program was originaly designed in french so I could only send the workout sheets.

However I do have a full football program which is over 25 pages long and includes everything.

I normally sell these programs to athletes. But I’ll send it free to the first 20 T-mag readers who ask for it. thibaudeau@ironmag.com

Would love to get a copy of the entire program. Thanks in advance.

Charlie Stoy

I would also like a copy. Thank you.

[Note from Mod: You have to e-mail him.]

thanks chris for the program!

in regards to your full football training program:
I would like to request a copy of your full football training program. A friend and I, in our second year at a four year institution want to get back into football (which was, incidentally, the reason we chose the respective school to begin with, but i digress). We both have been playing since we were sh*ttin green and thats provided a relatively strong core. However, i was lured by the low carb craze and went overboard and lost some mass. Got back into training “old school” (how we were taught to lift in HS). It is a tried and true system that has produced state semifinalists/champions the past
two decades-every year. I would like to look over your full program and utilize it as an alternate program (as program cycling is exceedingly important if not for muscle growth and strength via biological mechanisms then by not allowing training familiarity-growing ever more contemptuous the longer one allows training to become static. That is, if there is some disimilarity between the two(which seems highly probable-comparing a 25 page program to a relatively basic program-although im fully confident that your program incorporates a great many “basic” movements as they do cause an endocrinogical explosion).

Hey Christian,

said theres a delay in your message box, I’d love to give the program a look though, thanks,


Because of the very high demand (more than 60 demands so far, 20 in the first 10 minutes alone) I have extended the offer to all who email me today.

Mike, my email server is sometimes ineffective (at best) so just try to email me until it goes through.

BTW guys, you have to email me if you want the program.

i would like a copy also… whats ur email addy?

Thanks for the program!

I would just like to thank Chris for sending the program to everyone. As one of the people who were not one of the twenty, it was great that he did that for us!

Yup, rec’d the program and now I would like to thank Chris for sending it!

What exactly is the difference between a push press and push jerk? Thanks.

And while I’m asking, how do you perform a twist medicine ball toss? Thanks again.

The push press is kinda like a cheated military press. You only start the movement with a slight leg drive, just to get the bar going of your shoulders. The arms and shoulder still perform most of the work.

A push jerk is about 70-80% leg drive. You push as hard and as fast as possible with your legs to “throw” the bar up, you still push with your arms, but the legs come into play more.

Twist medicine ball toss: Stand up, sideway to your target, wind up by rotating so that your back is facing your target, then throw the ball by unwinding your torso (kinda like a baseball swing).

Email me, I think I have a picture of one of my athletes doing this drill.