I can personally tell you that alot of officer’s are screw-up and suck-ups. That is one reason, I am no longer in. I did not play the game. As a company commander, I had the highest operational readiness rate in the division, the highest average Skill Qualification Score for my soldiers (yet they were mine 24&7, I was responsibile for everything they did or failed to do), my company was the first in the division to have 100% high diplomas or GEDs, we were recognized by Corps as the most tactical proficient and yet because I did not kiss-up I got a career killing Officer Efficiency Report. When my NCOs found out about this every one of them wrote a letter to the Department of the Army saying what they though. I when to DA and recovered their letter from a friend at DA, my career may have been crushed, but I saw no reason for them to be destroyed out of loyality to me.
As I stated in my see ya from time to time posting, I only display what my troops gave to me stuff now.
As a firm believer in the coaching style of leadership, I teach leaders adn managers to ask they troops what they need to get the mission they have been assigned done, get it for them, stay out of their way while doing it and keep the bullcrap away from them.
Best of Luck.