From your post “Let the government do their job. There may be a very good reason for it.” Hahaha, you are stupid. Sure, shaving and looking good is very important! It is NOT important to be able to blend in with the locals if you are a Special Ops agent working in enemy territory, especially if you are trying to locate enemies that are in hiding. Keeping good hygiene and showing the enemy how magnificent your hygiene is essential to the success of your mission! In fact, our soldiers are getting over by simply wearing Battle Dress Uniforms, we should make them strut around in their class A’s in order to better demonstrate our superiority to the enemy. The Enemy will take one look at their fresh pressed formal military suit jackets with all the shiny medals and colorful badges and they will come out of hiding and surrender immediately!

What a load of HORSESHIT!!!

In reply to your statement about getting off of my ass and joining the military, working my way up etc. I served in an Army Ranger Battalion, and there is no way I would have tried to work my way up, you know why? I couldn’t stomach the amount of ass-kissing required to make it to the top. All the quality leaders I encountered in the military never made it very far because they stuck to their guns and disobeyed bogus orders in order to protect their men and accomplish their mission assignments in a realistic way. Of course they got roasted over coals as a result and were demoted, regardless of the mission success. The administrative bureaucrats don’t give a shit about the reality of the situation. They are power tripping and think that they know everything, and their opinion counts most. I saw so many absolutely retarded orders and rules passed down during my enlistment that were created by people that I never saw. People that couldn’t possibly know anything about our situation because they were in another part of the world and hadn’t even served in my military occupation at any time in their lives. So don’t try to pretend that the government or most of the military administration knows what they are doing.
I think it’s great that some of the men in your family have served their country, but that doesn’t lend any validation to your statements. You clearly do not know what you are talking about. As far as my trying to do something about this, I already e-mailed several government officials, although I am pretty sure it won’t make a difference, it never has in the past. As far as getting the media involved, they already know, the original poster of this thread started of with “I was watching the news…” You might want to try knowing what you are talking about before you try opening your mouth in the future.