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  1. I am not an elitist.
  2. My father served in the Korean War, my cousin in the Gulf War, My Grandfather in WW1.
  3. Vietnam was a fiasco. NO SH*T. I never said our country was always right or that they didn’t make mistakes.
  4. My point was YOU DO NOT KNOW THE FULL STORY. Just because it may seem similar to something from the past does not mean this is the same situation.
  5. My other point was getting all bothered about it on this board DOES NOTHING TO HELP THE SITUATION. If you are serious about your complaint then write your congressman. Get the media involved. At least try and do something productive to make people more aware especially the people who make the decisions.
  6. I never said you were wrong in your opinion. My main point and I am sorry if I didn’t stick to it earlier was going on about it out here will not help this problem if indeed it is one.
  7. Are you getting my point.