Bigd, Both Forrester and myself have a right to bitch about some Puss Nut Desk Flying Puke. We have both been there and done that for our country. I personally can relate at least two dozens stories that reflect this kind of behind the lines bull shit.
The military has spent millions on camouflage paint and uniforms. The whole purpose of which is to make you blend in with you surrounding so you don’t get shot. To quote General Don Starrie, “What can be seen can be hit. What can been can bee killed.”
Here is a little mental exercise for you. Please, if you can, explain the reasoning of Maternity Battle Dress Uniforms? (I will let Captain Demo Dick(aka the Rogue Warrior enlighten you to silliness of the name Battle Dress Uniforms)). Does this mean we are sending pregant females into battle?
Best of Luck.