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Complete Beginner


Well here I am finally posting after spending alot of time looking and reading over the many posts on this site. I've been working out for a while now, but you guys have inspired me to not just work out, but to do things right. So i am looking for any advice, helpful hints, the standard drill.

I'm 21, 5'9 and about 170 pounds.

Here is a standard day that i go throw. I'm up at 6am getting ready for work, I work in constructions for 9 and a half hours. I generally eat 2 pieces of toast, wheat bread with penut butter on it. Or a bowl of honey nut cheerios.

At work i'm fairly active but i dont really do too much that tests me physically. I'm either moving lumber, performing safetys on houses, cleaning/preparing houses for carpeting. Though now i've thrown in push ups randomly through out the day. Generally do about 140-200 throughout 9 and a half hours.

Come lunch I have a litre of juice, either grape or fruit punch, the frozen can types. A homemade sub of turkey and ham lunch meats, then sometimes some bacon dippers, crispers, poptarts or cookies as a snack/sweet. only have one of those, never all together.

for supper its generally steak and potatoes with a ceaser salad. or chicken, porkchops, basicly meat and potatos and sald. and other days its pasta with garlic bread.

Now I used to eat before i go to bed, but i've been trying to break that habit. I just try to drink more water before bed, though sometimes I do break and eat.

Then i'm off to bed around 11-12 to get up again at 6.

As for working out, i used to go about every other day, but now with work and such, my time has become limited. When getting home, I gotta cook supper some nights, take my brother to soccor, help him with homework etc etc. This makes some nights impossible to get away for a workout. Problem is i never know what days those are ( minus soccor i know when that is )

So i go maybe 2-3 times a week if i'm lucky. When i go to the gym i bike there, about 2km away then do some cardio to warm up, tread mill etc. Then off to the weights. I do abit of machines and free weights. I dont have a set plan. To be honest I'm abit lost at this area. I usally end up doing upper body one day lower body another, which isnt the best way to go about it.

So in short wondering if anyone has any beginner programs, or hints or anything.



www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1 lick here for your training program


And not to turn you away from T-Nation, here's a link to get you started:


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