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Complete Beginner Help?

I have been stalling going to the gym for years and just compiling information without any execution.
My aim of this post is to be steered into a good direction in hopes to apply myself.

Physical stats
18 Male
116 lbs
I’m unaware of my Body fat but would presume myself to be “Skinny fat

In terms of exercise, I’m a sedentary individual only jogging around once a week and occasionally some jump rope.

The training program I selected was Christian Thibaudeau’s “Athlete Lean, Athlete strong” program but unsure if i able to withstand it?

My thoughts were just to recomp and partake in this program whilst hitting my Marcos?

In terms of goals… initially it was just to improve health but I want to transfer the skills into sport as I love sprinting! Which is the main reason I do not want to bulk as I want to remain fast and agile.

Sorry if these post are looked down upon but I have been overthinking this for around a year and a half and just need some clarity.

I appreciate your patience in reading this and looking forward to your responses!

Why? This isnt rocket science .

your way overthinking it

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Thib’s programs can be tough but I have some bad news for you. If you want to get better over a long period, you’re going to have to work hard, very hard.

If you have no confidence then start with something less strenuous and come back to this in 3 to 6 months to build a base level of fitness.

I recommend Jim Wendler’s Beginner Prep Program.


Great program but you’re not ready for it as a total newb. Do one of these below for 6-8 weeks and first couple weeks only focus on learning good form and execution. Then for 6-12 weeks do a 5x5 template or another Dan John program and then you can try Athlete lean

nope just skinny as all hell. Eat anything and everything including occasional junk till hit say. 145ish. Even then you will only barely look like you’ve started lifting.
At your age you will not get fat, the big lifts will soak up calories

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Definitely look into Jim Wendler as strongmangoals stated. He’s very much performance based and incorporates hill sprints, prowler etc into his programs. You can buy his first 531 ebook for 10 bucks on Amazon.

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