Complete Beginner Again - Returning After Not Taking It Seriously for Years

Used to train 5x5 three times a week and sprint twice a week… like… 10 years ago. I did some stuff in between but then I got into these hippy LA peeps who avoided carbs and drank green smoothies. lol, bit of a distraction.

I’m easily like 35% fat, I was a FFB and that routine in college 10 years ago was pretty transformative. First time I felt like I got balance etc. I’m 36 now so training will be different. I would ideally want to be ripped because I think I want to go to places like Miami, Ibiza, etc. (I’m single.)

Probably will look into caloric intake required, and get back to lifting something maybe some German Volume Training and eating Paleo. I did Velocity Diet a while back and it’s the leanest i’ve ever been, but I read somewhere it can long term reduce your metabolism because it’s such an extreme diet. So maybe I can do a more modified version with a less strict deadline/caloric reduction.

Let’s see what happens, or if I follow through. But god, T-nation served me well before those hippies!


I would make sure to remember where I read that so I knew to stop reading sruff from there.

I am excited for your journey dude!


Also, some of my challenges are mental in nature pretty bad anxiety, etc. I have solutions for them i’ve found over the years so no input necessary there.

Punisher: That is interesting to hear, if that is indeed true then maybe Velocity diet is the path. I had a highschool girl tell me the things she hates most about me are my thighs, and only time i’ve ever lost my thunder thighs is on that diet! Also, my youngest bro got married I broke the dance floor but i’m so fat at the moment my thighs rubbed against each other. EFF THAT! No more listening to these insta fitness influencers.

Respectfully, my advice is to stop talking to high school girls about your thighs.

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A girl in high school* when I was in high school. I was also coincidentally slightly high while typing this, and I got schooled.

As a fellow 36-year-old single person with anxiety, I welcome you!

Best of luck on your journey :smiley:

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Hi! Yes being fit helps get the younger girls lol. Also, i’ve been meditating and trying to lower hte caffeine (helps me at least.) Anxiety and insecurities are the thing i’m working on at the moment which nicely ties into bodybuilding too… can’t be insecure about it!

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I am assuming as you have started a training log on a lifting forum you plan to ‘actually’ do these things.

Good luck with taking control and starting the journey.

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You’re 100% right bud!

I’d also recommend giving journaling a shot. Not necessarily forever but just long enough to record your thoughts and establish a baseline. It helped me be able to let go of something and helped some of my anxiety

Throwaways emoji says alot.

Nice work getting going with this stuff. Its great for mental health and confidence. Life is a giant flywheel, the faster you spin it the harder it is to stop. It spins in both directions, the good and bad. Making a choice to go in the right direction is awesome, make sure to keep applying that positive pressure.

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Yeah I think i’ve been heading downards. I haven’t been working either… I may focus on getting a job first and getting that going (one thing at a time) before I focus on the gym. I’ve just been a bit of a mess! Also been getting high for the anxiety (weed…) not a long term solution at all.!

It happens. Ive been there. Day at a time.

Dont talk yourself out of training and gym, the confidence and health benefits go a long way towards other aspects of your life (job, social, anxiety, etc.)

Okay sweet. So I read some stuff by Tom Venuto and he said Velocity diet is A-okay so i may proven by getting ripped boding that… although i’ve been told to handle the insecurity over and over again by this instagram famous coach but man i’m out of shape! My doctor told me to lose weight. I’ll focus on that and prove myself later! I’ve been lifting weights at home but it’s not the same evne that intermittently. I want to goback to training using what I used to use in college and get serious agian would be nice. but let’s see what the velocity diet says becuase that is the leanest i’ve ever been!

ps I’m back on the fitness journey because my doctor told me it’s time to lose weight. i was at 240 i’m clocking at around 233 usually so i’ve lost seven pounds. I’ve orderd thse pre cooked meals so diet has improved I just don’t have a set caloric goal it’s just die thas singiifcantiyl improved. It’s one of those pre cooked fitness meals things, some of the meals are low carbs, etc.

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I just had an ‘aha’ moment as to why you said that… i sometimes collect and do things and don’t plan on doing it but i had no idea why you said that… awareness is a beautiful thing!