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complete and utter breakdown---HELP!!!!

I began my journey around New Year’s…I realized at 5’10, 215 lbs (I was a slob…could hardly run a 12 minute mile), most of which was body fat. I started going to the gym, bis/back one day chest/tris/shoulders the next. Oh so slowly I started to see gains…then they began to accelerate…then I stumbled upon this site, with not only a wealth of information in its archives but in the minds of those who frequent these boards…my knowledge base grew, my gains came quicker and i was beginning to think that i may be one of those golden child “easy gainers”…hah in retrospect it was/is probably newbie gains, but I’ll take em…anyway as of last week I was at 184 lbs and something like 11% bf. I can easily run a 7 min mile (nothing spectacular but an accomplishment for me considering the state of my body just 2 months ago). I had been dieting, eating right, etc. I was even beginning to see the development of the upper two ab muscles of a six pack! But something happened on Sunday—>I CRACKED. Totally cracked. I don’t know what it was…I was headed for bed, felt kinda shitty as I passed the kitchen. I think the Oscars were on…I sat down, ignored my semi-used food log and proceeded to clean out the family fridge. Cereal, milk, chicken, tuna, pasta, pizza, blocks of cheese, ice cream, you name it, it was in my stomach. As I stumbled up the stairs feeling the onset of like hyperglycemic shock or something, my stomach literally felt like it was about to erupt. I managed to resist the temptation to puke it all out, get in bed, and pass out.
Well, the sad conclusion to this story is the same thing has happened on Monday night, and tonight. I have eaten well during the day, but these past three nights I have been an insatiable beast (to give you an idea of just how hungry I’ve been, I just cashed a (I think like 16 or 18 oz) box of damn Frosted Flakes in a matter of half an hour). My stomach, my body is clearly aghast—> I really feel like Im spiralling downward into some kind of fatass abyss…is there any recovery from a 3 night binge??? I stepped on the scale and in three days I’ve gained about 8 pounds!!! Someone say something inspirational or something, or I shall soon be posting on the NAAFA site!

Those fucking oscars are enough to make anyone crack. 4 long boring fucking hours.I call it The parade of plastic. Just think about what you looked and felt like before you started working out. You’ve come along way in a short while. Most people have setbacks. Don’t panic bro. Just get back at it.

Don’t freak, man. Your body isn’t going to eat all that junkfood if you don’t let it. As much as you think you’re cracking, remember that you’re in control of the situation. Your body will only eat what you tell it to. Take full control of yourself and start eating right! You’re the only one who can make a difference, and nothing that anyone can say here is going to erase your desire for junkfood.

If you’re genuinely hungry, then whats stopping you from eating a can of tuna for instance, rather than a bowl of ice-cream? Chances are, after you’ve eaten all your vegetables, meat, fruit, tuna, you name it… you’ll probably be too damn full to even look at any junkfood!

Been there, done that. Mine started involuntarily (sort of). 16 weeks into my best diet of all-time (reached five percent and 6 mm. ab skinfold), I finally convinced myself to take a voluntary week off. On the last day of my week off, I was passed on the stomach flu from a co-worker (fucking bastard)…first time in three years I’ve been sick. Out another week, and by then I lost it. Took another week and ate shitty. I’ve now been “back in the game” for almost a month and I’m almost caught up. My advice: you know what my advice is w/o me having to say it. Get your ass back into the gym, no matter how unappealing it sounds. The rest will fall into place, trust me. Good luck!

DUDE… WTF!!? What the hell are you doing? Just stop eating the junk food. There is no science to it. You did good for a while, you cheated, now get your ass back on track. Otherwise stop going to the gym, sit on your couch, and eat potato chips. Just don’t be mad when I laugh at your flabby, jiggly ass, waddling down the street. I might throw something at you too.

Just focus on what your goals were before and picture yourself how you looked before and how much you hated that, then picture what you want to look like and use those two mental images to get you past this roadblock and onto the body that you want.

Dude, you’re in a panic! Don’t let YOURSELF down now. You haven’t seen the end of the world. Relax and get your ass back in the gym. Just think after all that food, you should have PLENTY of energy now to perform some good lifts. See? That’s optimism for ya.

I think I can easily say that the majority of people here on the T-forums have been there, done that. And LIVED through it. And were even successful in their goals. So can you. Just think back to what set you off -what were you thinking? And learn to work through it the next time you feel you can't handle it. Also, I have a insatiable sweet tooth. And when I'm prepping for a contest it's hell trying to diet through it. So I compromise the first few weeks. I go to the University's (where I work) Student Market and buy some 5 or 10 cent chocolates. Like two or three. This is during the morning, the least damaging time for me to satisfy my sweet tooth. I get it out of the way. And at night, I'm okee dokee. This lasts for like the first three weeks of precontest. After that, I'm good to go til SHOWTIME.

Don’t have such a weak mind.

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your succesful 8 weeks of dieting. However, you may have done too much too quickly. That is to say, you started training super hardcore and eating a lot less. Your metabolism was cranked and your body probably felt that it was starving. Your zeal and passion are commendable, but now we must harness it.

Second, eat a litte extra at dinner, especially protein, during the next few nights. Get rid of all of the junk in your house or spend some time at a buddies or girlfriend’s house. You will be less likely to binge out of respect to them.

Third, one thing you might try is dressing up really snazzy and going out to clubs real late. Nothing like the thrill of meeting women and also you will be tired once you arrive home. As well, you are less likely to binge when you feel good about things and have good distractions.

My final suggestion is to buy low-carb, high protein chips. When you need to munch these can be a lifesaver.


Been there and done that on more than one occasion. Just move on and get back on track. Don’t try to make up by exercising more or whatever. Just move on and don’t beat yourself up. You have not done any real damage.

If you think this is going to keep happening, or will happen again, REMOVE all those tempting nasty foods from your house. DON’T buy them! Replace them with the foods that will be good for you. If you are not the person in your house that does the groceries, suggest to the person that does that ice cream, cookies, Frosted Flakes (cringe!) should be left at the store until you get yourself in check. If it isn’t in your house, you won’t be able to eat it.
Having said that, however, a treat once in a while isn’t going to kill you!

8 pounds in 3 days… I don’t think you could eat that much (that’s 28000 calories, 9333 excess calories a day for the 3 days) maybe you are retaining water from all those carbs you ate? or salt? anyway maybe you gained 2 or 3 pounds in those days max… so its not that bad… like the other doods and female doods said get back on track, look at your diet, allow for a cheat meal (so you don’t go all crazy…). Here’s a tip… if you do get a cheat meal, cut the damned thing in half (or 1/4th) and eat it later (next week), but eat sloooowly… be sure to enjoy it.

You crave more food? Switch to a bulking cycle. You might find it hard to eat enough calories then. I would assume you had a craving, and had an insulin rush which dropped you blood sugar level, which gave you more cravings for carbs, which gives another insulin rush, and the cycle continues. At the least attempt to get some protein into your system before eating a high carb food to slow the digestion and the insulin rush. This may help steady your cravings. I personally would recommend Surge sold at this site. When I used it, I was motivated to work out because I only drank it after workouts. (OK that is what you are supposed to do.) I quit thinking about trying to stop the catabolic process, and started thinking that it was my reward for working out.

Welcome to the world :))). As you read from other posts this is pretty common. I like GMs answer (which is what I try to do) - throw out all crap and only keep at home what you should eat. If you live together with other people you’ll have to compromise. The best trick in that case is to eat the good stuff first (always have enough of that at home - that’s something you actually have contol over). Like 'If I eat this pound of cottage cheese and two bananas then I’ll have the pizza. In my case, 99% of the times after finishing my ‘duty-food’ I don’t feel like eating any junk food anymore. I remember John Berardi writing something similar, something like the cravings you have for junk food is an indication that you are not eating enough good food. Eating a lot of healthy food may not make you lose fat but it is certainly better than eating junk food and can keep you on track until you re-gain control.

“I think the Oscars were on…”

Its a known fact the Oscars severely deplete testosterone levels, especialy when you know you aint never ever gettin' any from H. Berry

dont have that cr*P in the house in the first place, wassamaddawitchew?

Rest assured, it wasn’t fat weight. Someone else did the calculations. Just get on track again

thanks guys…your words of advice and encouragement really mean a lot to me…i went about today really well, underwent some damage control and i feel like i’m relatively back on track…i was really teetering towards the edge last night, and seeing all your advice really got some sense into me…it’d really be a shame if every time one of us made a mistake, we immediately dropped whatever we were doing and branded ourselves failures…i mean its hard as hell once you commit to something like this, but i know that in the end there is nothing sweeter than the taste of success…thanks again…this community is what helped get me goin and has once again helped keep me goin…thanks again all, ill keep ya posted! (btw, i weighed in today at 187…so it looks like only a 3 pound (grr) gain…here’s hopin it doesnt happen again till a bulking cycle!!! =)