Compiling All the Diet Tips

The latest article by TC was pretty good, lets list all the diet tips like this there ever been on this site and from other places.

For example:
12 green castrosomething green olives per day
One handful of almonds per day
2 spoon of organic apple cider before bed
1 or 2 coffee per day
A couple of beers spread on a week


An apple a day.

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Fish 3x per week
Beans 4x per week

A list of some of the common ones, please note I am not claiming all of these are correct or effective.

Protein only breakfast, protein + fat lunch, protein + carb dinner (Nate miyaki article)

No calories after 6pm

At least 10 hour period each day with no caloric intake
but also: Never go more than 2 hours without eating to stoke the ‘metabolic fire’

Eat half a lb of greens with each meal

Separate carbs and fat, so meals are either protein + fat or protein + carb
but also: add some fat when you eat carbs, it slows down the release and reduces the insulin response

Drink more water, sometimes you are thirsty, not hungry.

Green tea + caffeine.

Drink lots of coffee, for antioxidants + caffiene and ‘proven’ fat loss benefits
but also: Avoid drinking too much coffee because it can raise cortisol which can hinder fat loss

Use a smaller plate to ‘trick’ your brain into thinking you are eating a bigger meal

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper
but also: Skip breakfast to extend your overnight fast.
but also: Never skip breakfast, people who skip breakfast eat on average x% more calories at lunch and dinner
but also: Put most of your calories into the post workout / peri workout window



If you combined all of the diet tips ever dispensed and tried to adhere to them you’d end up in a rubber room wearing a huggie jacket.

They’re just tips, not mandates.

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2 Kiwis a day keeps the doctor away.

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Check clearance sales where you often find stuff like green coffee bean extract, African mango extract, raspberry ketones, etc, going for buttons. Sure, very sketchy as to whether any actually work but for sake of a few quid/bucks probably worth it when everything else is in check.

Not Applicable

Research shows the more frequent, smaller meals do not increase you metabolic rate.

Ironically, more frequent meals restrict the fat burning process.

Kenny Croxdale

I sense that you may have missed the sarcasm in my post…

Evidently, I did.

Kenny Croxdale