Competitive Runners on T

Hey everyone, i need some advice. I know it’s said that being on T slows your cardio ability but is that the case? I have a course coming up that i need to do a F$&@ load of running with and i don’t want to start another cycle if this will kill that ability.

Anyone on here run a lot while on T?

Didn’t Lance Armstrong do Test? Didn’t seem to affect his endurance.

Actually, the more I think about it, Test increase RBC which is what carries oxygen in the blood. Theoretically, it seems like you capacity would increase.

Testosterone doesn’t “slow” your cardio ability really. Depending on dosage, it can negatively impact your cholesterol levels though. If you run an AI with it this can also have adverse effects on cholesterol levels as well.

I was going T250 E3D with Adex as the AI
I’m looking at T400 E3D with Adex as the AI.

Nothing to crazy compound wise but wasn’t sure if anyone had any major issues with cardio.