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Competitive Cyclist - Gaining Size!

Hey guys,
I’m trying at the minute to put on some good muscle; I’m 19 years old, 5’ 10/ 5’ 11 and 111lbs (I’ve always been really light and skinny…) I’m not really seeing increases in my weight. But here’s the deal…

I’m a competitive cyclist and so 4 days a week I train hard for an hour in the morning, plus during the day have to do a LOT of walking, as well as lifting 4 days a week. I’ve found that with training legs in the past it began to affect my cycling 'cos I was always sore and stiff, and my trainer wasn’t too pleased, so implementing legs into a training routine would be difficult… I wanna pack on some good lean mass, I’m eating around 3.5k of good, healthy food a day (don’t cheat at all,) lifting 4 days a week, hitting each muscle group twice a week;

MON; Chest/ Shoulders/ Tri’s
TUES; Back/ Bi’s/ Abs
THURS; Chest/ Shoulders/ Tri’s
FRI; Back/ Bi’s/ Abs

On rest days I eat a good bit less because I’m not training (although am still fairly active,) plus at my weight don’t need to eat huge amounts to be over maintenance, so around 2600-2700 calories.
Is there anything anybody thinks I should change about what I’m doing? I don’t know if I can actually find the time to “Eat More” on training days…

111Lbs? Is that a typo? My 14 year old (who appears not to have an oz of fat on him) weighs more than that.

Anyway, I’m no expert, but with your body type I don’t think you are going to have much if any progress as long as you are training as a competitive cyclist. Not sure what your cycling goals are (4 hours a week is pretty light training for any kind of racing), but the last thing you want is to be adding upper body mass to slow you down on the hills. At the top levels even the “big” cyclists are pretty small.

You’ll probably have your best shot during the off season when you can cut way back on the cardio and concentrate on strength training and eating.

As a cyclist, you should still be training legs (I train a few cyclists, though not competitive), you just have to take a different approach and keep the volume within reason.

That being said 5’10/11 and you’re 111 lbs?

cyclist or not, that’s way TOO light man, hope you never fall off the bike or you’re done.

Heck, I’m pretty sure even elite level cyclists are 150-165 lbs.

I’d be eating more food than you are for your activity levels.

Are you eating 2600 cals on off days?

You need to eat more period.

3500 cals/day on training days is still probably not enough (depending on how long your rides are).

Quit cycling and learn to ride horses (some jockeys make big money).



[quote]FightingScott wrote:

Then eat a little bit more!

I raced bikes competitively for years. You can still weight train legs and ride/race. Just got to get past the initial first couple of weeks of soreness and you will be right. ie “Harden the F_ck up!”

Squats and cleans were a staple of my training when I raced track, which also was when i initially packed on some size, going from 75kg to 85kg between 16 and 17 (woo hoo) 102kg now. And no I no longer race competitively.

Doing that much cardio you are always going to struggle to put on size unless you eat everything in sight. I found one of the biggest things was to make sure I ate while on training rides. Bananas, muesli bars whatever just eat it while on the road. Get back from training eat, have a shower, go eat. Watching TV,-are you eating, no… well get to the fridge then. On the net, are you eating?

A couple of years ago there was an article on here about the Australian cycling teams weight training methods, it might be worth a read. Good to show your coach anyway if he thinks weights aren’t a good idea.

Now stop reading and go eat.