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Competition Tanning Help Needed


At my wife's last competition in September she used some local tanning product (we live in China) and it was absolute rubbish - steaks all over and it was very difficult to apply. She has another one coming up in December and this time around we are going to order tanning products from overseas.

I would really appreciate if some of the competitors on the board could provide some pointers as to what product she should order - how much she needs and tips on how to best apply it.



Most male bodybuilders use ProTan. I dont know if its different for women.

Not sure about the other questions


For my very first show, I used only Pro-tan (6 coats!) and I was still one of the palest competitors onstage (I'm very pale naturally anyway). I know some other competitors rely only on Dreamtan the day of the show. It does indeed give a deeper, much darker color, but never fully dries, which can be a bit unsettling the first time you try it.

What I eventually found gave me the best color is a combination of the two. My current approach is to use 3 coats of Pro-Tan the day before a contest (it 'sets' in, darkening over time), followed by the application of 1 coat of DreamTan the morning of the actual show (and a quick spritz of Pam cooking spray for sheen of course!)

Cat, and I know Thoughts1053 and a few other competitors have made use of Spray tan services offered at contests or from private services the day before. For me, I always feel better knowing everything is taken care of and that i don't have to worry about someone else for touch-ups or bank on how their choice of actual 'color' (paint) will look under the lights onstage.



Thanks guys for the replies.

The combination of pro tan and dream tan seems like a good idea. I take it that one bottle of each will cover at least one competition?


2 of each. Try it out a month out just to see how it goes.

And also accidents happen, hence the 2 bottles.


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The tanning service would definitely be the easiest option but it is not available in hinterland China so we will have to make do with the protan/dreamtan combo... and hey, fondling my wife is not a bad deal either :slight_smile:

Good luck with your show!