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Competition Supplement Advice

Hello everyone I am going to compete in a teen bodybuilding show in about 6 months. I have been very lucky that my dads business is doing very well this year and they are offering to help with the price of my supplements. I don’t have a unlimited amount of money coming from them but, I believe it will be any where from $150-$200 a month. So I was wandering if I could some advice on what, how, and where I can get the most bang out the dollar. These guys are being very generous and I do not want to disappoint them.

I want top keep it decently basic I am only 17.

No one has any advice seriously… This question has just left every one on here speachless…

well i was ganna post almost the same type of question. but what has worked for me over the past 2 years is protein cycling and creatine cycling. its not very in-depth or complicated, i just wake up have a protein shake and oatmeal. lunch is a tuna or turkey meal w/veggies. home from work is another protein shake, depending on whether i train or not a casein protein shake before bed.

if i train, a double protein shake right after. i also put in a quarter of a serving of creatine monohydrate in all shakes, but when i train i take 2-3 servings. i also take bcaa’s with all shakes and normal vitamins through out day.

now, ive also tried plenty of the newest shit to hit the scene over the years and wasted alot of money, and what it boils down to is this"what gets you strong/large fast, you lose faster when off that suppliment". i hate to say it, but thats what ive found. im 60lbs bigger and way stronger just eating right and training the right way in 2 years, even after missing 6 months in that time with neck injury. so, to sum this up. spend you money on protein foods/powders/vitamins and veggies. and train like a fucking animal. you cant lose.

ok so just keep it extremely simple

YES. i dont know your age, but if you are still in your teens. let your body develope with the old tried and true formula. thats what has been workin for me. hope it helps.

Flameout $40/month
ZMA $15/month
Creatine $3/month approx
Surge $33/month possibly $66 if you double dose
Metabolic Drive $30-60 month

that’ll put you at your budget

Thank you both very much