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Competition Questions


Hey guys, recently I moved my martial arts school into a local gym and have thus been working out there before my classes start every day. Initialy my work outs have just been aimed at giving me more of an edge with my fighting abilities. I'm training an ametuer mma fighter at the moment, and have started to consider fighting myself.

If I do my competition weight will be 170lbs. My question is that if I ever choose to compete in either bodybuilding or powerlifting, or both, what's the 170lbs division like, and where can i find info on it?


Actually, I doubt I'd ever compete in BB, I just don't think that I could remain competitive in MMA if I went to body building for serious competition. Guys like Frank Shamrock have incredible bodies, but I doubt they could win mr olympia. I am confident tho, that they kick mr olympia's ass if they wanted to.

Power lifting tho, is interesting, does this even have weight classes?


Who wants to to dress in little goofy underwear and pose anyhow? Powerlifting is the way to go. At 170 pounds you would probably want to compete at 165, or gain some weight. USAPL is a good federation, but check around to see what works for you. Just google powerlifting and you should be able to find out enough about it to know if it is what you want to do.


hmmm, I might be able to slim down to 167 if i cut carbs long enough, do you think I could compete at 2 pounds over the 165 limit?


WTF!? No!


No, if you are over at all, you will have to compete in the next weight class up. 181 in your case.