Competition Progress Roadmap and Gear Help?

Not sure it’s the proper section to ask… but I’ve got a quick question

I’m starting to dabble the idea of entering a local contest for mid-nov and I would like the input of those with experience. Also, how some help could help me bridge my shortcomings

I’m fairly low bf% at probably around 9% (avatar is me), and am fairly light. I’ll enter the bantham division which has a top limit of 143lbs.
to lay things down I’m at 140lbs 5’6" and the bantham is at 143lbs. At 9% I need to cut up a bit, so I need to bulk some to come a dry 143 mid-nov.

I assume a 3lbs/mth muscle growth rate, with help this should be a breeze…

ok…up to 152lbs at 9% (with probably some help) brings me end of july

this brings 14lbs of fat… I need to lose 9 to come at 143
which gives me 12-13wks of dieting (again, fairly easy)

I know I’m maybe optimistic for muscle growth and my approach might be too scientific, but I’m trying to figure things out…

any comments?

I don’t usually post in this forum because I’m not one to judge but…

How about ya train for another year then enter the contest November '11 or a contest NEXT spring.

Or you can just train your butt off now, don’t worry bout the weight cutoff and just come in lean and dry as fuck?

If you worry about a certain weight class you will fail. A buddy of mine got this point across to my by reading the winner’s weigh-in weight at the last few NPC Northern Kentucky’s (pretty big NPC show). Bantam winner has weighed in anywhere from 119 to 140.

A couple more points…

12-13 weeks of dieting is never easy. Losing “just 9lbs” of fat is never easy when you get down to the low single digits. You’ll reach a point where you’re fighting tooth and nail to lose fat without losing much muscle. Another thing, not geared you will lose some muscle mass. How much depends on your plan (diet/exercise/supplements)

I was 5’5, 143lb, 30yrs old when I started lifting weights. A year later I entered a contest. I put on near 20lbs of muscle before I started cutting 12 weeks out. I came in at 5.5%, 146lb. Didn’t do a diuretic or I would have came in under bantam. Anyway, still placed 5th in the lightweights.

Anyway…my point: I would suggest you train right, eat right, get some strength, add some size. If you’re seeing progress naturally and decide you want to gear up after that then by all means do so. No amount of gear will help you if you don’t know what you’re doing in the gym/kitchen.


thanks for the post! I should’ve mentionned that I’m 30 too, and have been training hard for 10 years… eating well for about 5 now. I’m pretty knowledgeable nutrition wise and I’ve dipped in the juice pool once or twice.

i know that the last miles of dieting are the hardest, so that’s why I’m keeping on par with the 12 weeks to drop 9 lbs…

Ok, thanks for the info! I’ll try to contact a prep coach in my area


And while I am sure they all “say” this…both of those shows are natural (I am in no way knocking your decision to ask about gear, that is your right). Especially the Northen. The whole concept behind BI is the natural athlete. Do what Alan said, train hard, eat right, sleep well, and go win you one!