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Competition Prep Stack Advice


Hey guys, I’d really appreciate some professional help right now.

I have a men’s physique competition end of April, and I’ve had a set back the last two months due to family issues but I’m not going to let my whole prep go to waste.

So right now I stand at 10% body fat, 94 kgs (207 lbs) 174 cms (5ft9), I’ve lost muscle mass and put on fat these two months.

I’ve been training for 4 years but this is my first time stepping on stage, I believe I can look great (I’ve seen the competition in my category) if I can drop as much weight as possible while maintaining my muscle mass. I am a personal trainer myself and my body responds very well to manipulating carbs, water and sodium prior to the show.

I’ve never used any steroid before, and the financial reasons I am going through is keeping me limited to this stack:

1- Clen: 100 x 40 mcg
2- T3: 100 x 25 mcg
3- Anavar: 50 x 10 mg
4- Dnp: 10 x 200 mg
5- Glucophage (Metformin): 10 x 1000 mg
6- Ephedra: 30 x 25 mg
7- Ketotifen


  • Whey protein
  • Casein protein
  • BCAAs
  • Glutamine
  • Multivitamin
  • Fish oil
  • Creatine
  • Pre workout

I can afford to buy either one more anavar or dnp, or orlistat (heard it blocks fat absorption).

I’m going to do carb cycling for 3 weeks and keto for 3, I’ll be intermittent fasting and upping the cardio.

My question is: what is the best way I can use this stack efficiently to lose the most fat and maintain as much muscle mass as possible in the next month? And what is the last thing I can buy?

For those who won’t take this seriously, please don’t bother, this competition means a lot to me and I would really appreciate some help. And for those who would say Clen would give me a heart attack or dnp would fry my insides, yes I’m kind of broke but I still could afford to research these things very well.

Thank you very much in advance.


Where you decided against tren/test as your precontest is beyond me. Instead you picked DNP, Clen and ephedra?, a diabetes med to lower blood sugar and one of the weakest steroids to maintain lean gains? Lol this can’t be serious


It actually is serious, this is the stack I got 2 months ago before my set back, I wanted to test them and see the way my body responds.

I have not used anabolics before and thought starting on a mild one would be better.

My dad takes metformin, and it has strong insulin sensitivity, appetite suppressant and weight loss features so why not.

In a perfect world I would have moved up to test/masteron/winstrol/tren by now but unfortunately I’m stuck with anavar.


Honestly, You might wanna consider doing a later show. I know it sucks but I’ve had stop prep and pick a later show (twice). The gear you are considering isn’t gonna work miracles in a short amount of time. I had to stop a 16 week prep at 3 weeks out from a show because I got sick. If you do something later in the year you could hit a cycle and then a cycle going into/during your prep. If you have lost muscle mass, you aren’t gonna magically put it back on during your prep. Most people tend to lose when dieting. Also 10% seems to be a little high to be so close to the show. The last thing you wanna do is go up on stage looking bad or really small. I’d much rather stop a prep and pick a later show than to go on stage not prepared. It sucks, but it might be a better choice for you.

I don’t really like the stack you proposed. Anavar tends to suppress the natural test levels and can shut you down. I don’t ever run a cycle without a test base…Something you might wanna put a little more research into before you start. I just think it will hurt you alot more than help you.

Have you done a show before?
How long have you been prepping for this show?

Good Luck!


The only “steroid” is Anavar and it will drop your natural test big time. DNP works but is fucking dangerous, breaks the mitochrondrial chains in the cells, also used as rat poison, If you can find real ephedra, then stack it with asprin and caffiene for an old school ECA stack, T3 can cause heart palpitations, and Clen causes significant tremors in high doses.

You’d be better off with a “real” stack of test, and masteron and anavar or some other combo. I’m not a competitive BBer so I’d dont always know the best pre contest stacks


At 5’9", 207lbs at 10% you must be fucking huge. Please tell me more about how you got this big, without using any drugs and in only four years.